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    Have you tried to learn English Speaking through grammar classes and found that method useless? Have you been sitting in English classes for hours waiting for your chance to speak but never got it? Have you spent thousands of dollars on English learning software that only teaches you elementary level English?

    Yes, learning to speak English is VERY frustrating.

    If you want to learn English speaking fast you need a better method to learn. We have a method that will make you improve English in weeks!


    Don’t memorize grammar rules


    Yes! Learning grammar rules is useless. No one, not even advanced native English speakers know all the grammar rules in the English language. It is impossible to learn every grammar rule out there. Even if you did, you can’t correctly process them in your head during live conversations that happen fast.

    If you want to learn English speaking scientifically, try to learn sentence patterns. Don’t memorize, just keep reading them and focusing on the pattern.

    For example, take prepositions, one of the most confusing areas of English.

    But if you stop memorizing prepositions and start following the pattern of the sentences, you can learn English speaking in a far more efficient manner.


    Below are some sentence patterns you can start to follow:




    I read a book about the new president whilst I was on holiday.

    Have you heard about the take-over of our firm?

    The journey will take about three hours.

    I am excited about going on holiday.




    We drove across the country from the east coast to the west coast.

    There is a footbridge across the railway line.

    The child ran across the road.




    We went out to dinner after the meeting finished.

    Let us talk again the day after tomorrow.

    After we have lunch, we will start on the sales marketing for the firm.




    We walked along the beach last night.

    The meeting room is along the corridor.

    There are many trees alongside the path.


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    The train departs from the station at 11.30 am.

    I will see you at the restaurant at 1 pm.

    At night, you will be driving in the dark.

    At the party, I met a friend of yours.

    We all laughed at his jokes.




    We walked around the park.

    It cost about 75 Euros.

    We talked around the subject.




    In the morning, we will go on holiday.

    My birthday is in October.

    He will arrive in one hour.

    The meeting will be in the morning tomorrow.

    You will find the shopping in the bags over there.

    In three months’ time, we will have finished this project.

    He will be in London next week.

    Are you interested in going to see the new film?




    For the moment, the job is going well.

    I will have to wait for one month for the exam results.

    Please can you ring for a taxi?




    I must leave before it gets dark.

    I have much to prepare before the meeting starts.

    I must speak to you before you leave.




    The dog is hiding behind the chair.

    I am behind with finishing the project as I have been very busy.




    The train will depart from the station.

    We will be away on holiday from the 5thMay to the 1stJune.

    The letter is from my sister.

    Which country are you from?





    The time is five to 2 (1.55)

    It will take us a long time to drive there as the traffic is bad.

    You are tired so go to bed.




    I would like a cup of tea.

    I met a friend of yours last week.

    Of all the books I have read, this is my favourite.




    Get off the train at the next station.

    Get off the bus at the next stop.




    I will get on the train to London.

    I will go there on foot.

    The book is on the table.

    On a sunny day, I like to go walking.




    The book was written by William Shakespeare.

    I visited Paris by myself.

    I went there by plane.

    I went to Scotland by train.

    By the time I reach Edinburgh it will be midnight.




    I will be going on holiday with my friends.

    I like to eat chutney with my cheese and biscuits.

    I will take my computer with me.




    We took the Eurotunnel through the Channel from England to France.

    We are going on a tour through the wine regions in France.

    Through the winter, we live in Spain as it is warmer there than living in England.




    During the winter, it will snow heavily in the mountains.

    They will discuss the future plans of the business during the meeting.




    Until now the weather has been hot and sunny.

    Why have you waited until now to finish this work?




    The dog is lying down under the table.

    The piece of paper fell under the chair.




    I will walk down the stairs.

    Write down the important points we discussed in the meeting.




    I will walk up the stairs.

    Up to now, I have not finished the project.




    He lived in a flat over the office.

    The station is over there.




    We live near the school.

    The train station is near the bus stop.




    I have not seen you since last year.

    He has worked for the firm since 2015.




    Go outside to play football.

    The weather is hot outside today.




    Go inside as it is raining.

    You will find what you are looking for inside the box.




    As it is raining, let us stay inside.

    As we have work to do, we must stay late to finish this today.





    Without a job, I cannot move to London.

    Without a car, I cannot get there.




    The racket is leaning against the fence.

    We are racing against the clock to get this project finished in time for the meeting tomorrow morning.


    How to learn English speaking fast? Watch Elizabeth, one of our English teachers explain our method



    He earns more money than me.

    It will take longer than you think to finish this piece of work.




    We are walking towards the station.

    He is driving towards the sun.




    The event happened a long time ago.

    We met three years ago.




    I walked along a path above the lake.

    The trees are above the fields over there.



    Try to learn these prepositions in the context of sentences which will help you remember their meanings and how they are used in sentence structure. Once you have learned these sentence patterns, you will speak more like a native English speaker and be able to converse fluently with others.


    Don’t make pronunciation too technical


    If you want to learn English speaking fast, pronunciation is a challenge. It is not easy to change your pronunciation or modify your accent fast.

    But you can improve significantly!


    A good example is Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you compare his accent from the 80’s to now he has improved significantly and this is a result of a lot of practice and immersion.


    Our advice is to stop wasting time on mouth shapes and phonetic charts. Instead try to spend as much time with Native English speakers as possible whether it is in live conversations or recorded videos.


    If you want to learn English speaking without getting frustrated, try these 5 steps with your accent:


    Slow down


    Slowing down the speed or pace in what you are trying to talk in English.  This will help you concentrate on the words you are trying to pronounce and say and also helps native English speakers understand you better.  Stand in front of a mirror watching yourself say English words and sentences.  This will improve confidence and help you learn English speaking with more motivation.




    Practice for as many days a week as you can.  There is a saying: ‘practice makes perfect’.  Find a time either every day of the week if you can manage this or a minimum of 3 days a week to speak English out loud for at least 15 minutes per time – although longer would be better.


    Read out loud and record what you saying


    Record yourself saying sentences or reading a paragraph from a book or reading a poem out loud and then listen to your intonation, stress of syllables, pitch, rhythm and the clarity of what you are saying.  It is so important to remember always to speak slowly and possibly more slowly that you think.  Recording yourself and then listening to what you have recorded will show you how slowly or quickly you are speaking.  If you are speaking too quickly, then practise speaking more slowly and then the words you say will be clearer and your accent will improve.




    Listen to the radio and watch the television on a regular basis.  Watch films in English.  This will help as you will be listening to the sounds of words being spoken by English native speakers.  Try watching the films with English sub-titles first and then watch the films again in English without the sub-titles.  Watch video clips in English on YouTube.  Listen to audio books in English and these can be downloaded from the Internet.


    All the above suggestions will help reduce a thick accent.  Daily practise is so important even for a short time each day. Try to fit a combination of the above as regularly as possible and see how your accent will improve without any crazy accent reduction technique!


    Learn more about our immersion based study method. Learn English speaking like a champ!

    Study method

    Practice with Native English Speakers


    The best way to learn English speaking is to speak with native English speakers as frequently as possible. You don’t need a tutor or a professor. You just need a Native English speaker with a good ear who can correct your mistakes.



    Why English-speaking conversation practice is the best way to learn English speaking


    Learning to speak English with native speakers is the best way to start to learn to speak English naturally.


    Speaking with native English speakers will help build your confidence faster.  Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced learner having conversations in English will definitely help build your confidence.  Native speakers can help correct your mistakes – many of which are common in people learning English.


    For example:

    Incorrect:       I and my friends went to the cinema last night

    Correct:           My friends and I went to the cinema last night

    Incorrect:       Me and my parents went to Paris last weekend

    Correct:           My parents and I went to Paris last weekend


    Find a Native English speaker who acts as your conversation partner than a traditional teacher. Many topics can be discussed in these conversations.  Topics can include travel, technology, history, business, advertising, job interview practice, currant affairs, global warming, weather, shopping, food, architecture or greatest cities of the world to name a few.


    Have discussion on various topics

    Discussing different topics during each conversation will help you learn new vocabulary as well as speaking using correct English.  Work out your goals and what you want to achieve by learning English. Your English-speaking conversation partner will be able to help you in all these areas.

    Your English speaking partner will help you with the correct use of tenses and the correct word order.  Learning the correct tenses is important both for speaking and also for writing and the same applies to word order.  Other languages have a different word order so it is very important to improve in these areas and you can improve in these areas during English conversation practice.

    Here are sample conversation topics we use at Spoken English Practice


    Understand why you want to learn English speaking

    Are you wanting to learn English for social reasons or for business reasons?  Do you want to migrate to an English speaking country? Do you want to pass an standardized English test like IELTS? Are you working with clients from an English speaking country? Be clear what your goal is and the conversation partner will be better prepared to help you.


    Find more opportunities to practice English speaking

    Meet others who want to learn English and practice together.  Meet for coffee or tea, or a walk or for lunch, or join a sports club or plan a visit to the theatre and only speak English together. You will all help each other and you will all encourage each other.  You will not be embarrassed in making mistakes as you all want to improve your English.  Keep a note of all the new words you are learning and their meanings.


    The more you practice the more you will improve and the faster you will learn English speaking.  Help yourself by recording your conversations with a native speaker and you can review the content of each lesson afterwards.  Watch films and television series in English to further immerse yourself in English.  Listen to the way English is spoken in these films as this will help you with the rhythm and intonation of spoken English.  Also try reading out loud – choosing books of interest that you will enjoy spending time with.


    Becoming fluent in speaking English will enable you to converse on any topics with anyone worldwide.  Surround yourself with English as often as you can each week to improve your English naturally. Good luck!

    June 13, 2018
    13 June 2018,
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  • All our Teachers are
    Native English Speakers
    From US/UK

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  • Already know basic Grammar and Vocabulary?
    You need Practice Speaking.
    Not Theory!

    Try Our Method