Learn English Speaking this way and you will never forget!

June 13, 2018
13 June 2018,

Have you tried to learn English Speaking through grammar classes and found that method useless? Have you been sitting in English classes for hours waiting for your chance to speak but never got it? Have you spent thousands of dollars on English learning software that only teaches you elementary level English? Yes, learning to speak English is VERY frustrating. If […]

How to Improve English using Immersion methods

June 1, 2018
1 June 2018,

It is not easy to improve English as an adult but if you use immersion methods you can improve English faster than any other method.  In this article we will explain in great detail what immersion based study methods you can use to improve English learning faster and take your communication skills to the next level. We have will talk […]

How to Talk in English like an American College Student? 20 Slang Words You Must Know

May 31, 2018
31 May 2018,

When international students start university in the US, they not only have to learn about their chosen subject, but they will also  have to learn American college slang.   In other words they will need to learn how to talk in English like American college kids! Adapting to life in a foreign country is a challenge to anyone but it […]

How to Speak Fluent English Using Immersion Study Methods

May 23, 2018
23 May 2018,

To speak fluent English you do not need to memorize the grammar rules. Once you can converse in English with native English speakers fluently, then if you want to touch up your grammar knowledge then you can. Learning grammar rules will only help you read and write. They will not help build your confidence to be able to converse with […]

15 Discussion Topics For “English Talk” Practice

May 21, 2018
21 May 2018,

“English Talk” is a popular term among beginner level English students. It refers to speaking in English freely during lessons. However, most traditional English courses don’t encourage free English talk. Most traditional English courses still focus on teaching grammar theory and asking students to memorize word lists. At Spoken English practice, we strongly encourage students to engage in free English […]