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How to develop Fluency in English without memorization

January 30, 2019
30 January 2019,

Are you someone who can write English well but can’t speak English fluently? This is very common challenge for most English learners. It is frustrating challenge because you know you know English – even though you can’t speak with fluency Long term Fluency in English comes only through continuous practice. The Fastest Way to Improve Speaking If you have been studying grammar and vocabulary for years […]

65 Commonly Used English Slang Words For English Learners

December 28, 2018
28 December 2018,

Do you get confused when native English speakers use slang language? You are not alone. Slang is one of the most confusing areas of English for English learners whether you are a beginner or an advanced level student. The problem is there are so many slang words in the English language. Learning English slang is almost an impossible task. However, […]

40 American English Idioms – Learn English Free

December 17, 2018
17 December 2018,

40 American English Idioms That You Need To Learn Learning English idioms is an important aspect of mastering English speaking. Native English speakers use a lot of idioms and slang during speech and without an understanding of these, it is hard to understand native speakers completely. So if you already know about 500 words in English, it is time for […]

4 Important Questions to Ask When Joining an English Fluency Course

December 13, 2018
13 December 2018,

Looking for an English fluency course that will help you improve Spoken English? There are a few things you should consider if you goal is to truly be fluent in English. Speaking English is all about practice. Learning theory is not enough! We have 4 important tips to share with you before you join the English course. Considering these 4 […]

The Ultimate Guide to Get the Perfect Accent

December 5, 2018
5 December 2018,

Do you have a thick accent that makes it hard for Native English speakers to understand you quickly? Spoken English Practice specializes in getting rid of thick accents through our unique Skype Conversation Lessons. The best way to get a perfect accent is conversational practice with Native English Speakers. The more you practice English speaking, the better your accent will […]

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