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  • How to Learn English from Native English Speakers on Skype

    If your goal is to learn English just to pass exams and get certificates you only need to study grammar! But if your goal is to be learn English and speak it fluently, you need to go beyond grammar and start practicing with native English speakers. This is only way to learn English naturally and effortlessly over a long time which you make you an advanced English speaker.

    But what if you don’t have Native English speakers living in country you live? How can you learn English if you don’t have access to native English speakers?


    The answer is Skype. Skype is a great platform to learn English from native speakers because it is video based. You can practice English live, real time. Skype Spoken English classes are becoming an increasingly popular way to help us learn and improve our English. We have mobile phones, tablets and computers and all we need for these Skype Spoken English lessons are a computer, tablet or mobile, a camera, a microphone, a headset and access to WIFI or 3G or 4G.


    What is Skype?

    Skype is free software which you will find via the internet and can be downloaded onto mobiles, tablets and computers. This means that you can see the tutor face to face which makes interaction very easy.

    There is a chat box within Skype which means that the tutor can type and send you what you have been discussing, how to break the new words into syllables for correct pronunciation and the meanings of new vocabulary you are using throughout each lesson. This is a great way for you to recap what has been discussed in your lessons. The chat box can also be used to send links to YouTube clips, suggestions of books to read and films or television series to watch.

    The biggest advantage of learning English via Skype is the lessons can be held at anytime and anywhere


    Skype English lessons can be fitted into your daily lives. Choose the times that suit whether in the morning, lunch time, afternoon, evening, week days or weekends.

    Lessons can be fitted in with native English speakers to help you learn English – whether British English, American English or Australian English whatever the time difference between you and the tutor. You do not have to travel anywhere to be taught to speak English as these lessons can be held in the comfort of your home or wherever you are based at the time of the lessons. Choose between lessons once, twice or even three times a week depending on how much time you have to learn English.


    Lessons are tailored to your ability


    Why do you want to learn English? For pleasure? For business? For travelling? These classes are tailored made to your ability, your needs and your reasons for wanting to improve your spoken English. Lessons can be question and answer sessions or topic based or a mixture of both depending on your requirements. Here are some topic titles: sports, hobbies, travelling, transport, greatest cities in the world, problems facing the world, business, weather, shopping, the environment, education, housing, natural wonders of the world, philosophy, responsibility and responsibilities/success.


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    Qualified teachers


    These teachers who teach online are either qualified English teachers or have the TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) qualification and have much experience of teaching online with all ages and all nationalities. These teachers are native English speakers and come with enthusiasm to help you improve your fluency in holding conversations with everyone you meet. These teachers will help you with correct word order, correct use of tenses and new vocabulary. You will have the same tutor for the block of lessons you book. This approach will help you learn English in a more organized fashion and make you see your progress.


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    Skype based conversation lessons

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    Booking a block of lessons using Skype is not expensive. Choose a package which suits your budget or how many lessons you require.


    One to one lessons

    These Skype English lessons are on a one to one basis face to face so you do not need to be embarrassed about making mistakes. You will feel relaxed and this in turn will make you more focussed giving you the encouragement you need to improve.


    Rescheduling lessons if or when it is necessary

    Lessons can be re-arranged in advance by mutual agreement between the student and the teacher which makes these lessons flexible. The lessons can be re-arranged to different days to suit.


    Traditional English study methods don’t work! You need to learn English in a more efficient way

    The internet has changed the way we communicate in all aspects of our lives. Skype English lessons are a very convenient way of learning to speak English fluently. The lessons can be interesting and fun with good interaction taking place between the student and the teacher. Both of you will be focussed on the lessons and what is being discussed. You will find your confidence builds very quickly and your ability to speak fluently increases so you will be able to communicate world-wide with everyone who speaks English.

    Spoken English customer testimonial Nhung
    Nhung From Vietnam
    Business Owner
    Oral English is hard to improve if you don't practice with native speakers. Spoken English Practice's program is fully conversational English so I was able to practice like I was living in an country where English was spoken. The teacher gave grammar corrections and vocabulary help but in a very practical, easy to remember way. Not boring theory. Also, the teachers are all native English speakers so you learn everything correctly from the start


    Why an online English conversation partner is better than a traditional teacher to Learn English?


    So, you would like to learn English online? Due to the advancements in technology, learning English online face to face has never been so easy. The vast majority of people now have access to a laptop or mobile phone to help learn to speak English fluently. Here are the reasons why learning to speak English with an English conversation partner is so much better than with a traditional teacher:


    You can find a native English speaker when you look for an Online Conversation partner

    Unlike traditional teachers, most English conversations partners you find online will be native English speakers and will teach day to day English both for conversational and business purposes. Lessons are on an individual one to one basis so can be tailored made to the aims and requirements of each and every student whether they are children or adults, beginners or intermediates.


    The difference between having an English teacher who is Native vs Non Native is HUGE!

    With a Native English speaking teacher you can learn English faster and with more accuracy. You can learn the perfect accent and learn advanced English read like slang and idioms.

    Traditional English teachers who are not native speakers usually teach English from textbooks.

    The lessons can include questions and answers or be topic based with the student deciding the topics which they would like to discuss. Reading out loud by children can be included in these lessons from books of their choosing. Teachers are well experienced in talking on many different topics for example travel, greatest cities of the world, technology, business and education.


    Lessons can be arranged for 30 minutes or even 60 minutes once or twice a week and can be fitted around busy lives and working schedules. Students can progress at their own pace and each lesson is planned around their ability and what they want to learn.


    How to find a Native English speaking Conversation Partner?


    Online language schools such as Spoken English Practice are excellent in connecting British English or American English native speakers with students depending upon which accent the student would prefer to practise. Some students will book two blocks of lessons with either a British English native speaker or an American English speaker for the first block and then the other for the next block.  As long as you have access to a computer and good WIFI, these lessons can take place anywhere in the world. All that is necessary is a good camera and audio system on your computer and audio headphones can also be beneficial if there is background noise.

    English Teachers

    Alternatives to a real human Conversation Partner

    There are many platforms to choose from when learning English online and many apps which can be downloaded to back up these online English lessons (for example Duolingo) on your mobile phone. By practising two or three times a week with an online teacher and then practising with apps on your mobile to increase your knowledge in English, and will help you learn English very quickly.

    You will realise that making mistakes is normal and that by doing face to face lessons, you do not need to feel embarrassed. Enjoy these lessons and see the improvement in your English. Learning English online is definitely worth the effort. Have fun learning in this way.


    So you are ready to learn English online with a Conversation Partner…here are some tips are make the process better.


    Learning English online is very popular. This is because the lessons can be fitted around days and times to suit our busy lives wherever we are in the world. Learning English is important so that we can converse with others both socially and business. Skype lessons are a great way to build confidence on a one-to-one basis. Here are some recommendations for how to prepare for Spoken English language classes using Skype:


    First, invest in good technology

    Having a computer which works together with a good Wi-Fi connection is a must. A headset can also be very beneficial and the audio must work on both your computer and the person you are talking to as it is very important that you can both hear what is being discussed. Ensure the video camera is working on both computers as it really helps for you both to be able to see each other.


    No disturbances

    Being in a quiet room with no distractions is also important. Good lightening in the room is also an advantage.


    Be prepared

    Coming to the lessons prepared is also a necessity. Knowing what you are talking about for each lesson is another definite. Are you doing topic lessons and if so which topics are you discussing for each and every lesson? A roadmap is helpful to have. Are you doing question and answer lessons? Therefore, good forward planning is essential for both topic and question/answer lessons. Both these types of lessons help learning of new vocabulary and building confidence.


    Level of English

    What level of English is required for the online English lessons? Are those lessons best suited for English beginners, intermediates or advanced?  Why are you learning English? Is it for social or business reasons?

    Be realist on how you learn English. If you don’t know even 10 words in English and don’t understand simple words like sun, boy, girl, school etc, you should learn beginner level English before starting conversation lessons.

    A majority of English learners already know basic vocabulary and grammar so they want to learn English speaking, not theory. If you are this category, online Conversation lessons are perfect


    Use the Skype chat box

    Learn how the chat box works as this is an excellent way of keeping track of what you are talking about in each lesson. Using the chat box can help with keeping notes of grammar if required and can show how to break up words into syllables to ensure correct pronunciation especially in longer words.


    Stay focused

    Closing Facebook, email, WhatsApp, messaging, Viber and silencing one’s phone is also important. There is nothing so irritating as being distracted by sound alerts or by the ring tones of mobile phones to cause a distraction in lessons.


    Ask questions. Engage in conversation

    If you want to learn English speaking you must open your mouth as talk during lessons. You can’t learn English keeping your mouth closed and only listening. You can only learn English by practicing actively.

    Learning English by doing


    Also, give the Conversation partner or teacher chances to ask questions so that they clearly understand what you said. It is important that the person with whom you are having the Skype lesson can ask questions if they do not understand anything – whether it is your pronunciation or a word you used.


    Bring topic ideas to class

    Having a wide variety of interesting conversation topics is very beneficial to online English practice. If you want to practice English speaking related to your field (Example sales or medicine), you can ask the teacher to focus on related topics and videos.

    Skype lessons can also be used to help with IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge Exams together with job interview practice. If you are preparing for IELTS, TOEFL or a Cambridge exam, use  sample topics from those exams.


    Learn English, but don’t make it a boring process!

    Most importantly if you want to be motivated to learn English for a long time, you must keep the learning process interesting. Skype lessons are to be enjoyed and to ensure that the learner becomes more confident in conversing in all areas of English on a day to day basis whether socially or in the work place. Learning English on a one to one via Skype can increase fluency and has the added benefit of lessons being more interesting that normal English lessons.

    June 5, 2018
    5 June 2018,
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  • Already know basic Grammar and Vocabulary?
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