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10 Ways To Improve Your English Fluency Without Resorting To Grammar Memorization

February 24, 2021
24 February 2021,

Most people feel that learning a new language such as English means they have to learn the grammar rules. Granted, the English language can be difficult. After all, some words sound similar but mean totally different things. For example, where, were and we’re or there, their, and they’re. While knowing grammar can help, you don’t need it to speak the […]

18 Unique Ways To Learn and Speak English Better in 2021

January 25, 2021
25 January 2021,

You have to learn and understand what homonyms, synonyms, homophones, antonyms, verbs, nouns, etc. You may know about this from textbooks, but nothing will beat real-world learning. This means spending up to 15 minutes a day listening and speaking in English. This will help you to learn the accent, rhythm and vocabulary better The Fastest Way to Improve Speaking 18 […]

How to develop Fluency in English without memorization

January 30, 2019
30 January 2019,

Are you someone who can write English well but can’t speak English fluently? This is very common challenge for most English learners. It is frustrating challenge because you know you know English – even though you can’t speak with fluency Long term Fluency in English comes only through continuous practice. The Fastest Way to Improve Speaking If you have been studying grammar and vocabulary for years […]

Free English Class – 1 Hour Lesson on Popular Idioms/Vocabulary

September 26, 2018
26 September 2018,

Welcome to our Free English Class today! Let’s talk about Idioms. I’m sure you have all heard of expressions such as “He is walking on thin ice” Or “I don’t want to burn any bridges” These are all idioms. That’s what we want to talk about in todays Free English lesson.   Idioms are an essential part of learning English. […]

How To Be Fluent in English – Our Top 20 Tips From 2018

September 11, 2018
11 September 2018,

If you want to be fluent in English you have to be able to apply grammar and vocabulary in real conversations. Just learning grammar rules and memorizing vocabulary will not make you fluent. This is the foundation of the Spoken English Practice study method. As we approach the end of 2018, we wanted to share with all our readers some […]

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