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Best way to Learn English Speaking

Absorb English like a child — Learn by Doing

Children are the best English learners in the world. Children learn to speak without textbooks, vocabulary lists, or grammar rules. Yet, they learn to speak English with a perfect accent and excellent grammar.

Our program applies the same natural learning method used by children. You will Learn English by “doing”.

No Textbooks — No Memorization

Learning to speak English is not like learning Biology or History. Textbook based learning is not enough to make you a fluent English speaker.

Our approach is 100% Conversational. You will learn Real English, from Real Native Teachers. You will learn slang, idioms etc. You will remember longer because you learn through practice and not cramming.

Immersion based English learning

Practice with Native English Teachers from America or Britain*

Our program is the closest thing to immersion in English that you can get without being in an English speaking country.

You will practice with a Native English teacher 3 times a week. You will improve the same way you would if you moved to the US or UK. All our lessons are 1 on 1, live via Skype.

*You can pick the accent you prefer, and a schedule you like

Classroom Rules

Rule #1 : Minimum Interruption – Valuable Corrections

Your teacher will not correct you every time you make a mistake. Continuous corrections does not help you learn English. It is impossible for you to learn from every correction AND you will lose confidence. Instead, your teacher will pause the conversation from time to time and point out areas you should improve (i.e. sounds you have trouble pronouncing, grammar mistakes, better vocabulary). This approach will maximize the time you practice speaking and also give you some homework projects.

Rule #2: Student Speaks Most of the Time

If you just listen to the teacher and take notes, you will not improve speaking. You need to actively speak during the class. We will make sure the student speaks most of the time during the lesson. The teacher will ask a lot of questions and lead the conversation in a way the student speaks 80% of the time.

Rule #3: Real Conversations

In your first lesson the teacher will ask what topics you like to talk about. Whether you want to focus on TOEFL/IELTS Speaking topics or job related topics we can help. Examples for conversation topics – politics, literature, technology, sports, careers, culture, travel, health, Hollywood, stock market, global warming, TED Talks, cooking etc

Try 1 Lesson with a Native English Teacher

Learn English Speaking in weeks!

Our classes are designed for English learners who have studied some English at school but can’t speak fluently. If you know at least 200 words in English and know some basic grammar, we guarantee that we will make you fluent in English in 3 months. We will make you speak English naturally and effortlessly. We will make your accent clearer and will make you speak like a native English speaker.


What students say about classes

We have helped over 1 Million students learn English Speaking skills in over 160 countries. See some of our testimonials below.

Spoken English Practice Review
Andre From Brazil
Sales Manager
Grammar and vocabulary are things you can learn in your own time, at your own pace. You don’t need to pay money to improve your grammar or vocabulary. And most of the time, people will still understand what you are saying even if you make a small grammatical error. However, speaking English clearly, confidently and fluently is something you can’t master on your own. You need opportunities to practice with native English teachers, and that’s what Spoken English Practice provides
Galya Testimonial Spoken English Practice
Marta From Poland
Spoken English Practice has helped me express myself completely when speaking English. I used to think in my native language and translate. I don’t do this anymore, thanks to the practice I have got, and yes I'm a lot more fluent now 🙂
Spoken English Practice Rating by Yurij
Yurij From Russia
I finally passed my IELTS exam and got the results I wanted (L-8.5, R-8.5, W-7.0, S-7.0, O-8.0). Thanks for the service. Emily was a great conversation partner. She always prepared good topics and questions. On the writing part of the exam I got a topic related to one of the topics we had discussed with her. It was about zoos and elephants and was very helpful. Practice is extremely important for learning to speak English. Spoken English Practice provided me with a lot of practice on a regular basis.In the beginning, it was hard for me to remember words and speak fluently. From time to time, I had to look up words in a dictionary. Sometimes I knew the word but could not remember it until I looked it up in dictionary. After some time it became much easier. I get accustomed to the words I use the most. I also learned to replace the exact words I cannot remember with other words that are not exact but have a close meaning. As a result, I became much more fluent and more confident in my speaking skills
Spoken English Practice Customer Review Wei
Wei From China
Software Engineer
I spoke ‘ok’ English but I wanted to polish my accent and be better in pronunciation. Spoken English Practice helped me with both. My advice to other students – have lessons with with your teacher 3 times a week, speak in English as much as you can with friends/colleagues, learn 2-3 new words every day, watch some TV… you will see a clear improvement in 4 weeks
Spoken English Prashant Customer Review
Prashant From India
Director, Delivery - QA Practice
Spoken English Practice classes help me become fluent in English very quickly. As an Indian working in an US software company, this has allowed me to showcase not only my technical skills better but also to network and build better relationships across different teams. My improved communication skills contributed a lot to me to get promoted from a manager level to a director level. Overall, $400 well-spent
Spoken English customer testimonial Nhung
Nhung From Vietnam
Business Owner
Oral English is hard to improve if you don't practice with native speakers. Spoken English Practice's program is fully conversational English so I was able to practice like I was living in an country where English was spoken. The teacher gave grammar corrections and vocabulary help but in a very practical, easy to remember way. Not boring theory. Also, the teachers are all native English speakers so you learn everything correctly from the start
Saeed From Qatar
Saeed From Qatar
How to speak English better is a something I have goggled thousands of times.  And I would always get sites which sold either spoken English software or spoken English audios, which I knew would only help absolute beginners. What I wanted was a program to improve my fluency by practicing speaking English with native teachers, and that’s exactly what Spoken English practice provided. Special thanks to my teacher Laura, she was the best. I can now speak English without thinking of grammar rules in my head

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