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We started with a simple observation.There are thousands of English schools and ESL Programs around the world. There are millions of English tutors and professors who conduct intensive English lessons filled with grammar, vocabulary and role plays. There are English language programs conducted via newsletters and fancy pieces of software. There are certificates and diplomas awarded for completion of most of these courses.

But still, speaking English fluently is one of the most difficult tasks for most non-native speakers. In most cases, English learners end up wasting thousands of hours (and dollars) and gaining a boat-load of tutorials, eBooks and certificates…But NOT the ability to speak English fluently.

What if there was a way to free yourself from grammar and focus on talking in English more, just like you did when learning your native language? What if you could have real conversations with native English speakers, just the way you would if you lived in the US or UK?  What if there was a way to spend less time memorizing endless word lists and role plays and spend more time actually thinking and talking in English.

Spoken English Practice was founded with the goal of transforming the way English Speaking is “taught”. Our program’s philosophy is simple – the ONLY way to really learn English speaking is to have real conversations with native speakers. It is not only the smartest and most logical way to learn English speaking, it is also the fastest and cheapest way in the long run!

Don’t take our word for it – this is what our past students have to say

Our Corporate Values

• Never afraid to innovate and improvise
• Radically passionate
• Relentlessly focused
• Go above and beyond to make our students happy


Current Job Openings

Interested in joining the team as an English Conversation Partner (also known as Native English Teacher)? Click here to learn more about the role and apply online.


Native English Teacher Liam talking about how to learn English speaking naturally

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