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    Our Method

  • 150 Conversation Topics For Spoken English Lessons

    Learning vocabulary and grammar rules is easy.

    However, to learn to use English fluidly with confidence requires regular practice with native speakers.

    At Spoken English Practice, we believe that immersion is the best way to learn and improve English speaking.

    As a result, our Spoken English lessons are 100% conversational and immersion based.

    We know that the best way to become fluent in English is through consistent and persistent practice.

    We also believe that people only learn when they are motivated to do so.

    In order to maintain motivation among students it is important to get to know them and their likes and dislikes to fuel an interesting and stimulating conversation.

    This is another reason why Spoken English Practice’s award winning English Speaking Courses are 100% Conversational.


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    A question that comes up often is, what kind of conversation topics do you use during class.

    In this blog post, we will share list of sample conversation topics we use.

    Depending on your  Spoken English skill level, you can go as deep as you want in these topics.

    Remember, your teacher will ask a lot of question and get you to speak as much as possible (because you are one who needs practice speaking). Also, the teacher will give you corrections in grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

    Here is a list of 150 sample topics we use for Spoken English lessons:

    What can governments do to eradicate drugs?

    When do people “retire” in your country?

    Are you right brained or left brained?

    What can governments do to eradicate poverty?

    Is globalization dead?

    What do you think of affirmative action?

    Should you travel the world when you are young?

    Is abortion ethical in your country?

    Should exams be abolished?

    Is creativity more important than knowledge?

    Do you believe in Astrology?

    Is the Afghanistan invasion justifiable?

    What should African countries do to develop faster?


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    What is the biggest problem in the world today?

    Are outside intervention needed?

    What do we need to do to cure cancer?

    Should alcohol be banned?

    Does violence in the media (TV, movies, video games) cause violent behavior in kids?

    Should animals have rights?

    Is imagination more important than knowledge?

    Are we controlled by the internet?

    Is American the “policeman of the world”?

    Are we slaves of technology?

    Is the American immigration policy working?

    What would you do we a million dollars?

    Is peace a reality in a capitalistic world where war is a business?

    Should farmers get subsidies?

    Is it unethical to eat meat?

    Are you born with certain talents?

    Should parents avoid encouraging their children in playing with guns?

    Cats or dogs?

    Should students wear school uniforms?

    Is the super bowl a waste of money?

    Are the Olympic Games a waste of money?

    Is homeschooling good or bad?

    What are the gun control policies in your country?

    Is your country prepared for disasters?

    What should governments do to promote art?

    Are Apple products overrated?

    Can stocks be predicted correctly?

    Should skateboards be prohibited on sidewalks?

    How do we create racial harmony?

    Should minorities be treated differently?

    How to eat healthy everyday?

    Should schools ban junk food or not?

    What is the best sport to watch?

    Should 16 year olds be allowed to get a tattoo?

    Fast food restaurants do more harm than good. Agree or not?

    Is global warming a real threat?

    Should marijuana be legalized?

    Do you think healthcare should be free for all?

    Should prostitution be legalized?

    Is there life after death?

    Should gambling be legalized?

    How long should a President be allowed to serve?

    Is democracy the best way to govern?

    Do we need religions?

    Should the use of animals in sports and entertainment be banned?

    How hard is it to get a gun in your country?

    How hard is it to get a driver’s license in your country?

    Should there be a curfew for people under 18 years to reduce crime?

    Should the Internet be censored?

    Hollywood movies have a good influence on the world or not?

    What is your favorite moment from history?

    Is homework good or bad?

    Socialism vs. capitalism? What do you believe in?

    Is assassination of a dictator justifiable?

    Climate change – is it man made?

    Is assisted suicide ok?

    What can we do to protect biodiversity and endangered species?

    Is globalization a boon or a bane?

    What should governments do to child offenders?

    Is Facebook ruining our lives?

    Should education be free?

    Is capital punishment justifiable?

    Should art be censored?

    Should school children play high impact sports like football?

    Are cell phone ruining our lives?

    Should cell phone usage be banned when driving?

    Is bullying a problem in your country?

    Should children be punished?

    Is corruption a problem in your country?

    Should taxes be flat?

    Is online bullying a problem in your country?

    Should there be restriction to free speech?

    How are marriages conducted in your culture?

    Is China a threat to the world?

    Should there be a database for terrorist DNA?


    Should smoking be banned?

    Are economic sanctions needed?

    Should education be free for all?

    Was Lance Armstrong a cheat?

    Should health be free for all?

    Drugs in sports, how can we control it?

    Should government be centralized?

    Is organic food really organic?

    Should Gay Adoption be made legal?

    Are GMO’s good or bad?

    Do we need Zoos?

    Does god exist?

    Are aliens real?

    Should hate speech be controlled?

    Is healthcare free in your country?

    Human cloning. Good or bad?

    Should human organ be on sale?

    Does developed countries manipulate poor countries?

    Should nuclear power be used?

    How important are human rights in your country?

    Are academics doing productive research?

    How important are consumer rights in your country?

    Is the World Bank doing a good job?

    How should we handle war criminals?

    Is space travel a waste of money?

    How should we eradicate terrorism?

    Are CEOs over paid?

    How should we create a greener planet?

    What is your dream job?

    Is obesity a problem in your country?

    Nuclear vs. Renewable Energy

    Outsourcing? Good or bad?

    Is overpopulation a problem in your country?

    How can we stop lobbying?

    Should pornography be banned?

    Is the UN going a good job?

    Pacifism? What can we do about it?

    Are children today safe?

    Would there be a world war III?

    Is Nepotism a problem in your country?

    Religious belief: rational or irrational?

    Is advertising lying?

    Reparations for slavery

    Is science a threat to society?

    Is astrology real?

    Should you live for the moment?

    Sex education in schools – good or bad?

    Are single-sex schools better or worse?

    Is vegetarianism good or bad?

    Why are so many predictions wrong?

    What should we do to eradicate domestic violence?

    Is Marketing art or science?

    What should we do to eradicate child labor?

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    How to get the maximum value out of Conversational Spoken English Lessons?

    The First Rule: Practice till you become comfortable speaking in English

    We believe that the ultimate goal of any learner of English is to communicate ideas orally in the most appropriate way possible.

    This should be your number one objective during Spoken English practice lessons.

    You should disregard the importance of grammar during lessons, yet  lessons should exclusively be based on that.

    Vocabulary, pronunciation and fluency are all important but the focus of communication relies on generating opportunities for students to express themselves using the tools they have.

    This is why Conversation based Spoken English lessons are so effective.

    Students should gain confidence in what they know and what they can do and feel comfortable to use the language.

    Why Our method is the Fastest Way to Improve


    Learn More Speaking English

    The second rule: Focus on learning Real English, not textbook stuff

    Even with the strongest grasp of grammar and vocabulary ESL students need to practice English speaking.

    The best way to practice speaking English is to practice in real life settings as well.

    If you practice regularly, it will transform theoretical knowledge into contextual knowledge and thus by applying your knowledge into every day use, we will then be able to remember the theorem better.

    Transforming the virtual classroom into a safe space for students enables them to practice with confidence

    This will then enable them to take the first and hardest step – which is to simply practice speaking in English.

    English, and all other subjects, can’t be taught by the book. It needs practice.

    To be able to write in English doesn’t mean you can speak English well.

    Students also need help in becoming familiar with colloquial words and speech patterns that may not appear in their text books.

    ESL students need to be more up to date with their language skills.

    One of the best ways to would address this by using conversational topics to discuss real issues and provide examples of urban speech.

    November 28, 2018
    28 November 2018,
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  • 7 Day Free
    Online English Course





  • Free Guides

  • Free eBook

  • All our Teachers are
    Native English Speakers
    From US/UK

    Find A Teacher

  • Already know basic Grammar and Vocabulary?
    You need Practice Speaking.
    Not Theory!



    Our Method

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