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  • 3 Brilliant Language Hacks that will Help you Learn English Fast

    Want to learn English fast?

    Learning English as a second language is not easy.

    To begin with, English is not an easy language to learn. There are rules, there are exceptions to rules and there are exceptions to even exceptions!

    Secondly, most English language tutors round the world are still stuck on 18th century teaching methods that defy fundamentals of human learning.

    So what is the secret behind learning English fast?

    How does programs like Spoken English Practice make students fluent in English in weeks without teaching grammar?


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    Here are 3 brilliant hacks that will supercharge the way you learn the English language.


    Forget Grammar

    Have you ever get stuck when you are speaking English as you are thinking is your grammar right or not?

    Have you ever afraid to chat in English as you scare of wrong grammar?

    I know this might break the hearts of some English language learners who have been trying to make sense out of complicated grammar rules for years but the best way to learn English is to take grammar out of the equation at the start.

    The best practice example for this in the real world is how non-native English speakers who move to English speaking countries just see a huge improvement in English without formally learning English.

    They learn how to speak English without learning all the rules associated with English speaking.

    So, if you are a English student who has spent years and years sitting in boring grammar lessons and still cannot speak English fluently, forget grammar for a few months and practice speaking in English.


    English study method


    Learn English in Weeks

    Your mouth will begin to form the less familiar words more easily; as you have conversations in English, your ears will start becoming more familiar with the sounds of English.

    When it comes to English speaking learning, practical use is more important than grammar. So, if you wish to bring your English speaking to the next level, try to put less attention on grammar.

    The results will astonish you.

    Read about the method Wei used to learn English fast

    Spoken English Practice Customer Review Wei
    Wei From China
    Software Engineer
    I spoke ‘ok’ English but I wanted to polish my accent and be better in pronunciation. Spoken English Practice helped me with both. My advice to other students – have lessons with with your teacher 3 times a week, speak in English as much as you can with friends/colleagues, learn 2-3 new words every day, watch some TV… you will see a clear improvement in 4 weeks


    Think in English

    Ever noticed how it takes you a few seconds longer to respond to a question in English? This is because you think in your native language and translate to English.

    This process, often referred to as mental translation takes a valuable 2-3 seconds, which is the difference between a smooth, fluent, effortless English speaker and one who is not very fluent.

    How do you fix this? Start thinking in English. It may sound silly but when you are driving to work, think of everything you need to do for the day in English. When you are cooking, use English to think through the recipe. When you are working out, think of your routine in English. It sounds silly and ridiculously simple, but the results will surprise you.

    Surround yourself with English. When you are reading, do as much of your reading in English as possible. When you’re watching television, watch an English-speaking program. Even music – as much as possible, surround yourself with the language you are trying to learn. The sounds will become more familiar and as you hear the language, it will become easier to retain.

    Why is this method faster than traditional methods of learning English?

    To be honest, it is boring to listen English learning material or news every day. Immersing yourself in to the information you are not particularly interested in is a painful process.

    So, why force yourself to face a lot of boring material!

    Listen to the things you love!

    If you are a foodie, subscribe  to Jamie Oliver’s channel. If you are a fan of basketball, watch NBA games every day. If you love watching movies, Netflix would be your English goldmine! If you like digital marketing watch Neil Patel! Are you in to travel? Watch Rick Steves.

    Here is a TED Talk we use in our Business English Classes



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    Whenever you are listening to an English Channel, you can intaking the speaking pattern of the speaker and improving your speaking quality even if you don’t know it. You will also make English as part of your life. Hearing more and more English makes you confident and comfortable in English. This is the best and most logical way to learn English fast.

    As your fluency improves, move to full “English-only” days whether you are at home or out. Get support from your friends by going to movies or restaurants and speaking only English.

    Train your mind to think of English as the main language. You will see a huge improvement in your conversations in English and you will lose the fear of speaking English in real life.

    You will learn English fast and you will never forget.


    Activate your vocabulary

    Here’s a question. Next time you get stuck trying to say something in English, make a note of what the word you were searching for. Was it a word you did not know or was it word you knew that did not come to your mind?

    If you want to learn English fast, really understand why you can’t speak English?

    You will find that 90% of words you get stuck on (or search for) in conversations are words you actually knew…

    Why does this happen? Why do I forget words that know during conversations? This phenomenon is often referred to as the lack of an active vocabulary. You can memorize millions of words, but if you don’t use them in conversations, they will not mean anything.

    How to Improve English Speaking in 7 Days

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    How do you overcome this challenge? The only solution is to practice speaking in English a lot. If you can speak a lot with native English speakers it is even better, as you will get used to their language patterns and pronunciations more. This is the fastest way to learn English naturally.

    Students learning English from their native English teachers learn the mechanics of the language but not how to use it. Normally they are embarrassed or intimated to speak English because they feel they have poor comprehension and pronunciation skills.

    Speaking one on one with a native speaker outside of a judgmental situation allows the conversation to flow and with positive reinforcement

    Start doing this, and you will never get stuck in the middle of a conversation again!

    Want to Learn English Fast

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    August 22, 2018
    22 August 2018,
  • 7 Day Free
    Online English Course

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  • All our Teachers are
    Native English Speakers
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  • Already know basic Grammar and Vocabulary?
    You need Practice Speaking.
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