How to pick Conversation Topics for an English Class

May 18, 2018
18 May 2018,

Encouraging English speaking learners to speak in an English class is very important.  Confidence building and not being afraid of making mistakes is also required in helping improve spoken English skills.  Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate, it is very important to keep practicing on a regular basis so you can immerse yourself in the spoken language of learning English so you can converse with natives on any topics and in any situation. 

When picking English conversation topics for an Spoken English class it is important to know what your aims and objectives are for learning English.  Everyone has different aims and needs.  The following are examples of how to pick English conversation topics to suit you:


Start your first Spoken English class with the goal of finding out more about the following:


What is your back ground?


How much English do you know already?


Why are you wanting to improve your English?


Is this for social interaction with natives?


Is this for business?


What are you hoping to get out of these lessons?


Are you an adult or child wanting to learn to speak English?


What are specific topics you would like to discuss and/or are you interested in?


For intermediate learners

These topics can include family, where do you live, your job, travel, transport, sports, business, banking, technology, communication, challenges, marketing, advertising, global warming, healthy eating, education, geography, history, media, films, books, theatre, music, opera, ballet, food, restaurants, cooking, going shopping, clothes, pets, photography, philosophy, water, space, earth and the planets of the solar system, environment, weather, animals, city life compared to living in the country, job interview practice, architecture, recycling or volunteering. 


For beginners

For beginners these can include for example colors, days of the week, months of the year, shapes, numbers, objects around the house and at school, parts of the body, free time, music, and tongue twisters. For more sample topics you can you in an English class, look at this post we did a few months back.


 Pick topics of interest to each age group

 A good Spoken English class must be age related and also of interest.  A topic for each lesson can be planned in advance to give you time to think of what you would like to say on this subject and look up any new vocabulary.  Keep a note of all the new words you are using together with their meanings.  Buy a good dictionary to help you. 

These practical topics will focus your learning on relevant day to day situations to converse with native English speakers.  These lessons can also incorporate role play situations (for example going into a shop to buy items from a shopping list which includes the number of each item and/or the weight of these items or going into a restaurant and ordering food of your choice) obviously in English!


A little overview about a typical English class at Spoken English Practice

 We will help you with the correct pronunciation together with helping you with the correct word order in English as this can be different to other languages.  These lessons will be enjoyable, interesting, practical and engaging and will go at your pace with plenty of encouragement.  By practicing two or three times a week you will quickly notice your improvement together with feeling more confident and being more fluent in conversing with others in any situation. 


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