7 Great things about Practicing with an English Conversation Partner on Skype

May 1, 2018
1 May 2018,

Most students wanting to learn English are initially weary about having an English conversation partner on Skype. However, don’t let the virtual platform intimidate you! Skype is an amazing and versatile way to learn spoken English with your English conversation partner. From saving time and money to keeping track of your progress, Skype’s features,  mobility, and user friendly interface will enhance your English language learning! Read on for seven reasons why Skype is perfect for your English conversation practice.


1)    Utilize the Share Screen Feature

One of the most helpful and practical aspects about using Skype as an English language platform is the ‘share screen’ feature. This is especially useful when your English conversation partner is introducing you to new vocabulary. Your conversation partner can find images to help explain the vocabulary or concepts and share their screen with you. This enables you to visually learn the meaning of any vocabulary you come across.

This works in reverse too! You can look up and image you want to know the English word for and share your screen with your conversation partner. Your English conversation partner will be able to see your screen and image and teach you the targeted words you want to know right away! No more guessing, no more trying to describe, no more hand motions! Learn the vocabulary you want to learn fast!


2)    Chat Feature

Skype’s chat feature offers endless opportunities to help advance your English learning. Your English conversation partner can write our certain idioms, phrases, or vocabulary you are learning. Your chat will automatically save in Skype so you can always refer back to your conversation to review the words and phrases you learned! This way, you can use the chat feature as a mini English learning journal to keep track of your new skills.


3)    Mobile

Skype is mobile! You can download the Skype app for your smartphone and meet with your English conversation partner anytime and anywhere! You can call your English conversation partner while waiting in traffic, while on the bus, or virtually anywhere. The mobility Skype offers is ideal for your busy life. Use Skype’s mobility to your advantage. While at work or at home, send your conversation partner pictures of events, objects, or things you want to know the names for. Mobility is vital in order to take your English learning out of the classroom and into the world.


4)    Saves Time and Money

Skype is free! Download Skype on your tablet, laptop, computer, or iphone and have all your accounts connected- for free! No program to pay for means you can use that saved money on tutors and conversation partners to further increase your English language skills. Using Skype also saves time! Having English lessons and conversations over Skype let’s you have a lesson wherever you are- No driving! No waiting for class to start! No taking the bus or train! Skype is ideal for the busy yet determined English learner.


5)    Easily Speak with a Diverse Set of People

One of Skype’s great assets is the ability to speak with a variety of people from all over. With Spoken English Practice, you can choose an English conversation partner from either the United States or Britain! Better yet, you can choose multiple partners as well! This way, you can be exposed to a plethora of English accents, idioms, dialects, and vocabulary. An added bonus is Skype’s time tracker. Skype will automatically time your calls so you and your conversation partner can stay on schedule. Skype makes it easy to diversify your English language portfolio.


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6)    Can Message Questions Anytime

As mentioned in reason number two, your Skype can be used as a type of English journal. You can keep track of your new skills, words, and phrases. In addition, you can use this chat feature to immediately send questions to your English conversation partner. Often, English language learners have English related questions throughout the day and night. Don’t wait to ask your conversation partner your questions, you might forget them! Immediately send your questions to your English conversation partner so next time you speak, you both have your questions readily available and ready to answer.


7) Universal


Skype is well known and used all over the world! Chances are, you’ve already used Skype or know someone who uses Skype. You can use Skype to speak to faraway friends and family as well as practice and speak English with your English conversation partner. The universality of Skype is a major advantage. No need for a specialized program or learning platform. Use what you already have and know!

Overall, using Skype is a great way to enhance your spoken English language skills. Let Skype help you maximize your spoken English language learning experience. Find an English conversation partner and begin using all these helpful tips in your lessons!