Why a Skype English Practice Partner is better than a Traditional Teacher

March 13, 2017
13 March 2017,

A traditional teacher is better than no teacher. But a Skype English Practice Partner is even better. Don’t believe this? Keep reading to learn some of the advantages a Skype English Practice Partner has to offer.

When you first decided you wanted to improve your English skills, you probably experienced waves of uncertainty and doubt. Questions such as, “Can I afford to go back to school or take lessons?”, “Do I have the time to dedicate to another obligation every week?”, “Will I be able to find transportation to my English classes?”, “Will I make noticeable improvements?”. With a Skype English Practice Partner, none of these concerns are relevant because you’ll be able to personalize your lessons to fit your exact needs.

A Skype English Practice Partner is generally more affordable

Traditional classes offered through a university, church organization, or other program, have set dates and times they offer classes. In addition to an inflexible schedule, these classes often have strict attendance policies that do not allow makeup lessons for days when missing class is unavoidable. By the end of the term, a significant amount of money could potentially be lost due to missed classes.

In addition to money lost from missed classes, you don’t have a choice in how many classes are included in your lesson. If you only need to practice for an exam or an upcoming interview, it is wasteful to sign up for a 4 month traditional English class when in reality you only have need for the first 2 months of the class.

A Skype English Practice Partner includes a generous cancellation policy if something comes up before your next lesson! If you are too sick, too busy, or have prior obligations, you can ask your Skype English Practice Partner to reschedule your lesson- something you can’t do with a traditional teacher. You can also sign up for different English conversation packages depending on your personal English learning needs. If you would like to practice for an upcoming exam, a big work presentation, or maybe upcoming travel plans, you have the option of signing up for a small number of lessons. This saves you money by not purchasing English lessons you don’t need.

Skype English lessons offer more flexibility

You have complete control over when and where you have your Skype English conversation sessions. If you help care for a family or work full time, taking time out of your schedule to go to standard English classes is not ideal. The convenience and ease provided by Skype English Practice Partners cannot be beat!

Furthermore, being able to cancel a lesson if something happens is not only convenient, it’s practical. In instances like emergencies, having to work overtime one week, or your friends planning an evening out, you can give your conversation partner advanced notice about missing a class.

A Skype English Practice Partner can work for you even if your work schedule is varied and inconsistent. Plenty of students work in the retail, hospitality, or management business and may not have set work hours they can schedule sessions around. There are so many available Skype English Practice Partners who understand you won’t be able to commit to the same day and time every week. Find a partner who is able and willing to schedule lessons on a week by week basis!

Practice English with a Native Speaker without leaving home!

A huge reason a Skype English Practice Partner is better than a traditional teacher is you don’t have to commute anywhere. You can have you lesson wherever you get good internet connection. While it’s best to be in a quiet undisturbed area, you do not have to stay home! Downloading the Skype app on your smartphone lets you have your lessons wherever you are. Not only is this super convenient, it also helps make lessons more affordable by not having to pay for gas or a bus ticket to commute to an English class with a traditional teacher.

You will improve English speaking faster

Your sessions with your English conversation partner are one on one. Unlike classes with traditional teachers where you share the teacher’s time and attention with a few dozen other students, all your partner’s time, efforts, and energy are focused on you. This format virtually guarantees improvement in your English speaking abilities. You can tailor the sessions to fit your exact needs and concerns. Rather than relying on a premade syllabus with a traditional teacher, you tell your conversational partner what you want to work on and how. All aspects of your English language learning are up to you. You can decide how often you want your conversational partner to correct your grammar, if at all. Or if you would rather focus on building vocabulary, work on accent reduction, or both.

Generally speaking, a Skype English Practice Partner is better and provides more speedy and specific results than a traditional English teacher. If you are still uncertain, sign up for a trial lesson today to experience the benefits yourself!

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