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6 Things to Consider when Picking a Skype English Partner

March 14, 2018
14 March 2018,

Learning to speak with a native English speaker is a great way to improve your spoken English.  Decide whether you want to improve your conversation with a British English or American English partner.  By speaking with a native English speaker, you will gain in confidence and talk about many topics which in turn will help you communicate with other English […]

Why a Skype English Practice Partner is better than a Traditional Teacher

March 13, 2017
13 March 2017,

A traditional teacher is better than no teacher. But a Skype English Practice Partner is even better. Don’t believe this? Keep reading to learn some of the advantages a Skype English Practice Partner has to offer. When you first decided you wanted to improve your English skills, you probably experienced waves of uncertainty and doubt. Questions such as, “Can I […]

Meet Skype English Language Partner Adam

January 16, 2017
16 January 2017,

How long have you worked as a Skype English language partner? I have worked as a Skype English language partner for 7 years now. I have previously worked with children and adults of all ages as well as taught all levels of English. I have also worked as an Accent Reduction coach for an Indian software company where I helped […]

Meet English Language Partner Erin

October 27, 2016
27 October 2016,

How would you describe a typical lesson at Spoken English Practice? As an English language partner I structure a lesson to flow as a regular conversation among friends, with the student will be doing the majority of the speaking. I like to guide students and ask questions for them to answer, and provide my input using different vocabulary, expressions and […]

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