9 Websites that will help you Learn English Speaking Online

May 21, 2017
21 May 2017,

The internet is a wonderful resource for learning. There are millions of websites, including the kind that can help you learn English speaking online. The websites listed below all have material that can teach you English and help you learn English speaking online.


Spoken English Practice

The first one on this list may seem obvious, but this site (Spoken English Practice) is a great website to learn English speaking. Other posts like this one on Spoken English Practice’s blog give you helpful tips and advice to improve your speaking ability. Moreover, the website also provides a tutoring service, where you can video chat with native English speakers. It is entirely spoken and by simply speaking with someone else in English, you will be able to improve your fluency.

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Fluent U

Fluent U is a website and an app that teaches multiple different languages, including English. The service provides images and videos with subtitles and definitions to help you learn new vocabulary. It also allows you to hear how words are pronounced, which is vital to learning English speaking. The site also has two English blogs, one for learners and one for educators. If you are trying to learn English speaking online, Fluent U will definitely be helpful.



YouTube has an endless amount of videos that can be watched for free. To help with your English, you could simply go on the website and watch any video with a native English speaker. Watching something for entertainment can help you pick up new words and sayings. However, there are educational YouTube channels that focus on teaching people how to improve their English speaking. Go onto YouTube and try to find the many videos that could help you learn English speaking online.


My English Pages

This website has all types of resources for people trying to learn English. It has information on grammar, vocabulary, idioms, figures of speech, and so on. My English Pages also has a section on English speaking. This section lists different English sayings and phrases that are used in certain situations. For example, it gives a list of common sayings that people use to greet one another. It also has explanations behind different sayings and social situations, which is important for someone who is learning English.



Coursea offers courses from top colleges and universities from all over the world. The classes are made by actual professors from these schools. Although they have lessons for many different topics, there is a large amount of courses that focus on learning English and English speaking. Sign up for one of these free classes to have access to videos, quizzes, and assignments to help you learn English speaking online. You will also hand in work and be graded as if you are in an actual college class.


English Speak

English Speak is made up of different audio lessons that teach sayings in English. Each lesson has two audio clips of an English conversation. One has a regular speaking speed and one is slow speed, so you can listen and really hear what they are saying. The lessons also have written out versions of the lesson so you read exactly what each person said. A unique aspect of this website is that is comes in multiple languages. The audio is always in English; however, there is an option to have the explanations and written scripts in a different language, so you learn the equivalent phrase in your language. English speak is a must try if you are looking to learn English speaking online.


Daily Step English

Daily Step is very similar to the last website. It consists of English audio lessons and written scripts of the conversations. However, unlike English Speak, this website offers audio clips in either British or American accents, which is useful if you are trying to learn a British accent. Daily Step also has a blog with English speaking tips and offers additional lessons for a price.



Uedmy is an educational website that offers courses in almost anything, including Coding, Business, Drawing, and more. They also have lessons in English. These lessons are broken down into lectures, videos, and whatever other resources the creators included. The lessons are made by professionals in the field who have worked with many different students. They will be able to provide the right kind of material to help you with your English speaking.



Allison is another educational platform that offers online classes. The courses come in a wide variety of topics, including learning languages and English speaking. Classes include videos or audio files that break down the different concepts. Some classes are more in-depth than others. Some will be only an hour or two while others have over 20 hours’ worth of content. Before beginning a class, check how long it is so you can plan your schedule around it and decide how much time to want to take practicing English.


All of these websites have great material and resources to help you improve your English speaking. But if you truly want to become fluent, you will need to practice what you have learned with a speaking partner. If you don’t have anyone to practice with, try visiting Spoken English Practice where you can get an English conversation tutor.

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