Meet English Language Teacher Marie

February 17, 2016
17 February 2016,

Tell us about your experience as an English Language teacher

I have four school years of full-time teaching experience, plus tutoring for adults as well as teaching a specialized course for hospitality employees.

Tell us about your education

I graduated from UC Davis with honors in International Relations and Spanish in 2010. Since then, I have also become a certified TEFL teacher.

English language teacher

As an English Language teacher, how do you structure your lessons? How do you describe your teaching philosophy?

I am a firm believer of structuring classes in order to meet the goals of each student. This is much easier to do with one-on-one Skype English classes rather than in a traditional classroom. With conversational English classes, students are usually looking to practice their pronunciation and improve spoken fluency. Practice is key, and being a good example is important – as a English language teacher, if I notice that something was incorrect, I like to repeat it in the correct manner for the student to naturally correct him/herself. It is important for the students to remain motivated and enjoy their English classes.

Tell us about your experiences traveling the world and learning about other cultures

I have lived in 10 countries throughout my life. I grew up in three countries – the US, Guatemala, and Japan. I studied abroad for a year in high school in Spain. During college, I studied in Argentina and worked in Panama. Since graduating university, I have mainly been working in Latin America, until reaching my new home here in Guatemala.

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