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50 Debate Topics that are Perfect for an English Learning Club

August 7, 2018
7 August 2018,

Learning English for years but still can’t speak fluently? Tired of learning the same boring grammar rules again and again? Sick of listening to your teacher speak in class and YOU never actually speaking in English? Our method is perfect for students who have learned English for years but did not get opportunities to practice speaking. Our method allows you […]

7 Simple Immersion Methods that make Learning English Fun

July 17, 2017
17 July 2017,

English is an international language and is the official language in several countries.  It is commonly used in the business and the scientific world.  The best way to learn English is by immersion.  Immersion means the act of being involved or submerged totally in a situation and in this case the act of learning English.  To do this you need […]

5 Advantages of Practicing English with Native Speakers

July 7, 2016
7 July 2016,

When you start learning English or if you want to improve your English, one of the best things to do is to connect and get chatting with a native speaker. Most people have good resources when it comes to reading and writing, although many people lack authentic and regular conversation with native speakers. Of course, any conversation in English is […]

4 Biggest Myths About Learning English

May 19, 2015
19 May 2015,

Let’s face it – most English language courses are useless! Most English courses waste both time and money. You will sit in classrooms where the teacher speaks most of the time, you will be asked to memorize hundreds of grammar rules and at the end you will be give some kind of fancy certificate. But in most cases you will […]

7 Free English language learning websites that every ESL student should use

May 16, 2015
16 May 2015,

At Spoken English Practice, we strongly encourage all our students to use the many free English learning resources available on the internet, while practicing speaking with our native English speakers (Conversation Partners). Learning English requires maximum immersion, so whatever language learners can do to increase the time they spend interacting with the English language is only going to produce better […]

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