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  • 50 Debate Topics that are Perfect for an English Learning Club

    Learning English for years but still can’t speak fluently?

    Tired of learning the same boring grammar rules again and again?

    Sick of listening to your teacher speak in class and YOU never actually speaking in English?

    Our method is perfect for students who have learned English for years but did not get opportunities to practice speaking. Our method allows you to practice speaking with Native English speakers and improve your accent, fluency and grammar.

    This is a method that is Logical and Practical.

    Will you improve in 24 hours? NO

    Will you improve in 4 weeks? YES



    Learn about our English Club

    An English Learning Club is a terrific way to improve spoken English skills.

    English Learning Clubs have the added benefits of being a great way to make new friends, learn about topics you might not have been aware of, and even hone your debating skills.

    It’s not necessary to devote the entirety of your club meetings to debate, but it can be a stimulating and though-provoking way to spend a half-hour or so each week.

    Note that it doesn’t need to be a formal debate, with one person or team arguing in favor of the topic and the other against, although that can be fun to do. If you prefer a more casual setup, simply go around the circle and give each person two minutes to state their case for or against the topic.

    Wondering what to debate about at your English Learning Club? Here are 50 topics to get you started:

    The voting age should be lowered (to 18, or 16, or whatever is a few years lower than the current norm where you are)

    Voting should be mandatory and penalties should be imposed on eligible voters who do not vote

    Politicians should be required to disclose the names of all financial supporters and donors

    School uniforms are a good idea and should be required

    Young people should begin working at a part-time job as early as possible in life

    University tuition should be funded entirely by the government with no cost to students

    The drinking age should be raised/lowered (pick one and argue for and against)

    Homework should be banned for all students in elementary and high school

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    Kids should not play any competitive sports

    Kids should spend more time playing outside (not in organized activities)

    People should read more books and watch less TV

    After-school activities should be limited to allow more time for rest and study

    It should be mandatory for students to study abroad for at least one year

    Students should learn about basic financial skills like saving and investing

    Advertising aimed at children should be banned

    Kids should not get a cellphone until high school


    What is the fastest way to Improve English speaking? Watch Elizabeth talk about our

    Conversational method

    Elizabeth is an English conversation partner at Spoken English Practice.

    Learn more about their study method here


    The performing and visual arts should receive government funding

    There are too many TV shows being made these days

    Movies and TV shows depict too much violence

    Movies and TV shows depict too much sex

    Access to the internet should be a basic human right and available to everyone, regardless of ability to pay

    Reading a physical book is better than using an e-reader (Kindle, etc.)

    Professional athletes are paid too much and their salaries should be reduced

    Cell phones should be banned from all movie theatres

    The speed limit on highways should be increased to (choose a number that is higher than the current standard where you are)

    The driving age should be increased to (choose an age that is higher than the current standard where you are)

    It should be harder to obtain a driver’s license

    Having a pet is good for kids and families

    Cats make better pets than dogs


    A little bonus gift to get you started on your journey to Spoken English Fluency…

    Are you looking for FREE Spoken English course online?

    Truth: There are no good, FREE Spoken English courses. The FREE ones will always have a catch.

    We DO NOT have a catch.

    Here is an award-winning English course we developed that you can download as an eBook. (no email required)


    Free eBook –  How to Improve English Speaking in 7 Days


    This Free 32 page eBook is based on our Skype Conversation method

    This free eBook covers some of the most important aspects of learning Spoken English like idioms, essential grammar rules, slang, phrasal verbs, tongue twisters etc.

    How to Improve English Speaking in 7 Days

    This is NOT a traditional textbook. We don’t waste your time teaching theory. This is 100% Real World English that you can use in daily conversations, job interviews, sale pitches etc.


    Outline of the eBook:

    The Science behind improving English Speaking

    15 Idioms make you sound like a Native Speaker

    Essential Slang: 22 Commonly used Slag words you must know

    Improve Pronunciation with these 12 Tongue Twisters

    Speak more naturally using Phrasal Verbs

    7 Advanced Grammar Concepts that confuse even Native Speakers!

    55 Conversational Practice Topics


    Download FREE eBook - How to Improve English Speaking in 7 Days


    Here are some more conversation topics for an English Learning club

    Animals should not be kept in zoos, aquariums, or wildlife parks

    Should pizza toppings be limited to certain items?

    Everyone should learn to speak a second language

    English is the world language now and everyone should learn it

    Discuss – Are video games are too violent?

    All adults should learn to drive

    Video games are a waste of time

    Public transportation should be better funded and used as much as possible

    Computers have made our lives easier

    Everyone should get eight hours of sleep a night

    The minimum wage should be raised/a minimum wage should be adopted (depending on the situation where you are)

    Everyone should travel to other countries if they have the opportunity


    Learn English Speaking naturally. 

    English language


    What do you think – Is coffee is better than tea?

    Paid maternity/paternity leave from work after having a child is essential and should be universal

    Should parents read to their children as much as possible

    Newspapers are still important and should be supported even in the internet age

    Everyone should learn basic car repair (change a tire, change oil, etc.)

    Should humans continue to explore space in case Earth is destroyed?

    It makes sense that there are other intelligent beings in the universe

    Is cold weather is better than hot weather?

    A period of volunteer service should be mandatory for young people

    Remember, the goal of having an English Learning Club is improve English communication skills while having a good time. So keep things civil and friendly, no matter which topic you choose (we’ve tried to keep them fairly light and not too political) – no one deserves to be attacked for their views.

    At best, you’ll learn something new about a topic you might have thought you were well-versed in. If you want to practice your debate points or some newly acquired vocabulary words, just ask your Skype English tutor! We bet they’ll be happy to debate you during your session.

    Want to learn more about forming an English Learning club? Here is a great post

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    Learning English is like learning to bike

    August 7, 2018
    7 August 2018,
  • 7 Day Free
    Online English Course





  • Free Guides

  • Free eBook

  • All our Teachers are
    Native English Speakers
    From US/UK

    Find A Teacher

  • Already know basic Grammar and Vocabulary?
    You need Practice Speaking.
    Not Theory!



    Our Method

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