Redefining the English Language School – From Shanghai to Sao Paulo

July 28, 2016
28 July 2016,

When we started Spoken English Practice in 2008 we had one mission in mind. That was to redefine the way Spoken English is taught around the world, and to redefine the way an English Language School operates.

Today after helping more than 1 million students from around the world from Shanghai to Sao Paulo, from Mumbai to Moscow, we can be happy that we have created a blueprint for the modern English Language School.

I know there are a lot of new readers on our website so I wanted to touch on 3 fundamentals on learning that we encapsulated in to our programs.

The best way to learn is to learn by doing:

Learning to speak English is like learning biking or swimming. You have to learn by doing, not by memorizing. Practice is the most important element to success. This is why regular conversations with a native English speaker are best for building fluency.

Sadly most English Language schools still don’t understand this basic rule of language learning. Most English schools still practice out dated memorization methods whether it is teaching grammar or vocabulary.

At Spoken English Practice, our goal was to create programs that allowed students to practice speaking with Native English Teachers. We believe this is the only way to be really fluent in English.

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Students must speak 60% – 80% of classroom time

As an English Language School, we strive to get students to speak 60% – 80% of classroom time. This is why all our classes are 1 on 1, private English lessons on Skype.

Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation are all important in learning English. But the most important part of learning a language is putting it all together when speaking. So our English program gives students maximum opportunities to have real conversations in English with Native English Speakers. Most of our teachers will encourage you to even lead the conversation while giving you corrections and feedback every 5 minutes.  And when you are talking about things you are passionate about, learning becomes so much more fun.

Fluency only comes with practice, so we dedicate a lot of time to speaking practice.


All Teachers must be Native English Speakers

When we started our English Language School, we set ourselves 1 strict rule. We will only have teachers would be Native English teachers.

We believe practicing with Native English Speakers have many great advantages. Firstly, common phrases and colloquialisms used by Native English Speakers are hard to learn from non native teachers or textbooks. Further, Native English speakers will have a direct impact on your pronunciation.  Even with a heavy accent, if you have good pronunciation, the accent diminishes and you become easier to understand.

To date we have a network of over 3,000 teachers and are constantly looking for more. Most have professional certifications like TESOL and TEFL, but most importantly we hand pick teachers who get out concept. If you interested you can apply here.

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