Are you a Native English Speaker who loves learning  about the world?

Spoken English Practice is hiring native English speakers to work as English Conversation Partners for our global English language program. As an English Conversation Partner you will be helping English learners practice and improve English speaking on Skype. Founded in 2008, Spoken English Practice’s goal is to transform the way English Speaking is “taught”. Our program’s philosophy is simple – the ONLY way to really be fluent in English (or any other language) is to have real conversations with native speakers. Learn more about Spoken English Practice by visiting us on the web:


About Our Students:

We have helped over 1 Million students from over 150 countries improve their English. Most of the students who join our programs are intermediate/ upper beginner level ESL learners. A vast majority are professionals such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, executive etc. We have a few young adults too.


Job Description for English Conversation Partner:

We are NOT looking for traditional ESL teachers to teach grammar theory. Our classes are 100% conversational. We want English learners to have real life conversations with native speakers, the same way they would if they lived in the US or UK. Conversations can be about anything — from sports to politics, from hobbies to culture.

As an English Conversation Partner your job is to drive the conversation in an engaging manner and to give students feedback on how they can improve grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. You will ask a lot of open ended questions and get the student to speak (Because they need the speaking practice, not you!). During the conversation,  you will give them corrections and feedback on how to improve pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary etc. All the sessions are held via Skype and are 1 on 1, private lessons.


Some qualities that will make you a successful English Conversation Partner:

1.) Globally Savvy – You love traveling and interacting with people from all over the world. You crave for Laksa and Posole!

2.) Intellectually Curious – You ask good questions and you are eager to expand your knowledge on various topics.

3.) Great Listener – You know how to listen to someone. People love telling you their stories.

4.) Super Reliable – You are punctual and organized. You respect other people’s time. You keep lists 🙂

You must have access to Internet and Skype.


Our Difference

This is a part time job that offers great flexibility. The English Conversation Partner position at Spoken English Practice has been featured in many media publications such as the Forbes as an example of high-quality remote work. Depending on your availability, you can pick how many students to work with. We will make sure you get a consistent flow of new students coming your way.

You will get to meet a diverse group of students from all over the world. You will be helping them learn YOUR native language.

This is a 100% work from home opportunity. You don’t need to go through any complicated visa process or move to another country to work as an English Conversation partner!

Unlike most other online schools, we have a very transparent and straightforward compensation plan where the teacher will get paid whether it is a trial lesson or a last minute cancellation by the student. There will be no setup fees, Paypal fees, currency exchange fees, or holds.


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