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  • 25 Conversation Topics Perfect For Children’s English Lessons

    Children learn languages more quickly than adults and they are not afraid of making mistakes as they are already at school learning a variety of subjects.  It is important to remember when teaching English conversation to children to make the lessons fun and interesting.  The more these conversations are appealing, the quicker children will learn.  Children’s English Lessons must always be aimed at the correct level of a child’s ability and by practicing English two or three times a week their English conversation fluency will improve at a great rate.  Here are some English conversation topics perfect for children’s English lessons:




    Do you have sisters and brothers?

    What are they called?

    Are they older or younger and what are their ages?  Are you the oldest, in the middle or the youngest?

    How old are you and how old are your brothers and sisters?

    What do your Mother and Father do for jobs?

    Do you have cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents?




    What do you like doing at the weekends?

    Can you ride a bike?

    Can you play the board game chess (depending on the age of child)?

    Are you good at drawing?

    Do you like watching the television and if so, what are your favorite program which you enjoy watching?




    What is your favorite food?

    Do you help with the cooking?

    Do you like ice cream/cake/pizza/chips?

    Do you like going out to eat at restaurants?

    Do you like fruit and vegetables?

    What do you like to drink?




    Do you like going to school?

    What class are you in and how many other children are there in your class?

    Do you have any homework?

    What are your favorite subjects?

    How do you go to school?

    Is your school near where you live?




    Do you like to read books?

    What are your favorite books to read?

    Can you name any of the characters from these books?

    Do you like being read to?

    Do you know nursery rhymes?


    Learning English is like learning to bike



    Do you like math?

    Are you good at adding up and subtracting?

    Do you know your times tables?




    Discuss the parts of our bodies.

    What do we use our hands for?

    What are our ears and eyes used for?

    What do we use our teeth for?




    Name as many colors as you can think of.

    What is your favorite color?




    What clothes do you like to wear?

    What clothes do you wear in summer and what clothes do you wear in winter?




    Do you like animals?

    Do you have pets?

    Can you or would you like to ride a horse?

    Have you visited a zoo?




    Do you live in a house or in a flat?

    Describe your house.

    Describe your bedroom.

    Name some furniture in your house.




    Where do you go on holiday?

    Do you go the beach?

    Can you swim?  Do you prefer swimming in the swimming pool or in the sea?

    Do you like making sand castles?




    Do you like summer or winter?  Why?

    Do you like sunny weather?

    How do you feel when it is raining?

    Do you like the snow?

    Have you been tobogganing? Skiing? Skating?




    What would you like to be when you grow up?

    Would you like to do what your Mother or Father does for a job?




    What do you do at Christmas?

    What do you eat?

    Do you like receiving presents?

    Do you have a stocking at the end of your bed?




    When is your birthday?

    How do you celebrate your birthday?

    Do you have a party?

    Do you have a birthday cake with candles on the top?




    What are your favorite films?

    Do you go to the cinema to watch films?




    Name as many shapes as you can see around you.

    Are these shapes big or small?




    What are the days of the week?

    Do you do anything special on certain days of the week?




    Name the months of the year.

    Which is your favourite month of the year and why?

    Which month of the year is your birthday?




    Have you been to other cities and countries?

    Can you find these on a map?

    Which is your favorite?




    Do you like travelling by car?

    Have you been in a train/bus/aeroplane?

    Have you ever been in a boat?  Was the boat big or small?




    Do you live in the town or country?

    Which do you prefer?

    Describe where you live.




    Do you like art?

    Are you good at drawing?

    Have you ever tried painting?

    Do you prefer crayons or using paints?

    Have you ever decorated Easter eggs?




    Who is your best friend?

    Do you have several best friends?

    How long have you known your best friend for?

    Where did you meet?


    The more children enjoy their English lessons, the more quickly they will improve.  Keeping their interest and keeping them all involved all of the time during the lessons is of great importance.  By making the Children’s English lessons fun, there will be many laughs and plenty of encouragement will help all abilities and all ages.  They will be delighted with their progress, so would you as parents.

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    May 3, 2018
    3 May 2018,
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  • Already know basic Grammar and Vocabulary?
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