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150 Conversation Topics For Spoken English Lessons

November 28, 2018
28 November 2018,

Learning vocabulary and grammar rules is easy. However, to learn to use English fluidly with confidence requires regular practice with native speakers. At Spoken English Practice, we believe that immersion is the best way to learn and improve English speaking. As a result, our Spoken English lessons are 100% conversational and immersion based. We know that the best way to […]

3 Smart (and FREE) Ways You Can Improve Oral English Skills

November 26, 2018
26 November 2018,

Have you been studying English for years but still struggle to speak fluently? This is the biggest challenge faced by most English learners. Spoken English Practice focuses on solving this challenge by helping English learners discover smart ways to improve Oral English skills. In today’s post, we are discussing a few free methods you can use to improve Oral English […]

40 “Cool” Slang words that are used in Real American Spoken English

November 19, 2018
19 November 2018,

Tired of learning textbook English that you never use in real life conversations? This is a HUGE problem with most traditional English courses. At Spoken English Practice, our teachers (also known as Conversation Partners) focus on teaching real Spoken English. We will spend a lot time teaching you slang and idioms as these are essential for you to speak like […]

The Path to Learn American English – Free Guide and Tips

November 14, 2018
14 November 2018,

Want to learn American English? If you are an international student coming to an American university or an IT professional who works with an American client, speaking and understanding American English is critical. The reason is American English is quite different from English spoken in other parts of the world. You might not even understand this till you start speaking […]

How to Learn British English Like a Champ – The Ultimate Guide

November 7, 2018
7 November 2018,

If you want to English fast, you must start practicing speaking with Native English speakers. This is the ONLY way you can be truly fluent in English! Find out more about our unique conversational study method here Learn more about our Spoken English Classes    British English is unique. There are lot’s of differences in English used in Britain compared […]