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  • 55 Most Common Slang Words Used by Modern British English Speakers

    Slang words, used by British English speakers, are a group of words, which can be funny, can be rude and others are (well) different.  British slang words are not the same as American English slang words.  Slang is an informal language used by many people especially the young.  Here is a list of the most common slang words used by British English speakers:


    Slang word                                 Meaning


    Not to my liking                         I do not like something


    Ta                                                    Thank you


    Blighty                                           Britain


    Fancy                                             To want to do something ; To be attracted to a person


    Blinding (success)                    A (great) success


    Bloke                                              Another word for a man


    Bird                                                 Another word for a woman


    Lost the plot                                Something or someone has gone crazy. Misunderstood what has happened


    Gutted                                            Devastated or very disappointed


    Dodgy                                            Suspicious or faulty


    DIY                                                  Do it yourself (for home improvements)


    Fag                                                  A cigarette


    Rubbish                                         Rubbish can be used to describe garbage; something not good or worthless



    Shambles                                      A mess/a situation, which has gone wrong


    Diddle                                            To rip someone off eg of take money from someone


    Cheers                                           Used when drinking with friend; or to say thank you or good bye


    Daft                                                 Someone or something is stupid


    Swotting                                       To study extremely hard for exams


    Knackered                                   Feeling extremely tired


    Whinge                                          Someone moans about a situation


    Cheesed off                                  Someone is annoyed about a situation


    Loaded                                          If a person is loaded, it means the person is very rich


    Luvvly-jubbly                             Lovely/pretty


    Posh                                                This refers to someone who is upper class


    Quid                                                £1 in pounds sterling (English currency)


    Taking the piss                           Making fun of something or someone


    Up for it                                         A person is happy to join what is happening so he or she would say “I am up for it” say joining the party


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    Uni                                                  A common shortened form of saying university


    Full of beans                                Someone has a great deal of energy


    Wanker                                         This is another way of saying that someone is a jerk


    Mate                                               This means friend


    Gobsmacked                               Someone is amazed about a something


    Blinkered                                     narrow-minded, prejudiced or biased


    Booze                                             Any alcohol and a common word in British English


    A boozer                                       An English pub or someone who drinks a great deal of alcohol


    Pint                                                 This is a measure of beer sold in British pub. Beer in the UK comes in half pints or pints


    Dodgy                                            Something or someone who cannot be trusted


    Wicked                                          Great/cool and used by young people


    Ace                                                  Something or someone is amazing


    Brill                                                Brilliant is the full word, excellent, very good


    Flog                                                 Means to sell something


    Getting off with                          Kissing someone


    Knees up                                       There is a party


    Off your trolley                          Means someone is mad or crazy about someone or about a situation


    Snog                                                To kiss someone else


    Bob’s your uncle                       Means there you go


    Dog’s dinner                                Someone is dressed very well


    Don’t get your knickers         Do not get yourself worked up about a situation

    in a twist


    Stag night/party/weekend   A bachelor pre wedding party


    Hen night/party/weekend   A ladies pre wedding party


    Wonky                                           Not correct or not right


    Throw a spanner in the          Mess up a situation



    See a man about a dog            Go to the cloakroom


    Made redundant                        To loose one’s job


    Grub                                               Refers to food


    Piece of cake                               Something which is easy to do


    Horses for courses                   Something that will not work for another person or stick to what you know


    Slang words refer to an unusual and casual use of words either by British English speakers (as described above) or by American English speakers.  By learning to use any of the sayings above, all those who learn English as a second language will be able to understand what is being said and talked about when listening to British people using these slang word(s)/sayings.  With practice everyone can use slang the same way British English speakers do!



    January 5, 2018
    5 January 2018,
  • 7 Day Free
    Online English Course





  • Free Guides

  • Free eBook

  • All our Teachers are
    Native English Speakers
    From US/UK

    Find A Teacher

  • Already know basic Grammar and Vocabulary?
    You need Practice Speaking.
    Not Theory!



    Our Method