5 TV shows that will help you Learn American English

June 4, 2014
4 June 2014,

Want to learn American English without coming to America? One of the best ways to learn American English is to watch TV shows that use a high percentage of American English. Mastering Spoken English is 80% about immersing yourself in English. Watching high quality, TV shows is a great way to not only enrich your English speaking skills but also increase the number of hours you are engaged in deliberately improving your English.

Here is a list of 5 TV shows that every ESL (English as a second language) student should definitely watch if they want to learn American English:


Boston Legal

Boston Legal is an American legal dramedy series which is based around the stories of the fictitious law firm Crane, Poole & Schmidt. This TV series gives you opportunity to learn American English and can keep your English vocabulary expanding every time you sit down. Allen Shore, probably the most articulate lawyer in TV history, and the central character in this series, can be heard using words such as “citizenry” and “schadenfreude” in his closing statements.


Mad Men

Based on the fascinating world of advertising Mad Men takes you back to the style of English speaking in corporate America in the 1960’s. Mad Men is acclaimed for its portrayal of authentic historic events and the writing style. This multi-time Emmy and Golden Globe award winning TV series is a great way for non-native English Speakers improve their English knowledge in a fun, engaging manner.


Big Bang Theory

It is a hugely popular series that belongs to the genre of Sitcom (situation comedy). Based on the chronicles of a group of scientists, the Big Bang Theory will expose you to a ton of new English words and phrases specially if you are keen to learn American English. Also, the fast paced, lively dialogues will help ESL students improve their listening skills.


 House of Cards

A Netflix exclusive, this TV show belongs to the category of Drama and political thriller. The witty conversations and pitch perfect delivery of the dialogues make this a must to watch TV program for any non-native English learner. If you want to get immersed in modern American English in a fun filled, interesting way, give House of Cards a shot and you will not be disappointed.


 Modern Family

It belongs to the genre of Sitcom and mockumentary. One of the long running TV shows in America is based on the members of a family that cannot be any more diverse. Light, funny, witty and full of sarcasm Modern Family is a great doorway of non-native English Speakers who are trying to get from an intermediate level to an advanced level.

As we always emphasize, practicing Spoken English is a process and it starts with finding natural ways to use English more in your life. Watching TV shows where high quality English is spoken is a great way to start this process.

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