3 Tips to Improve English Speaking as an Adult

June 15, 2016
15 June 2016,

It is not easy to improve English speaking as an adult. Once you reach your 20’s your language learning skills decrease. This is why most well-educated people find it hard to improve English speaking skills after becoming adults.

Improving English Speaking skills however is critical for most English learners throughout their lives. Most jobs today require communications in English. If you are in the field of research, oral presentations in English are also really important. If you are an international student looking for an internship or a job in the US or UK, you will have to speak fluent English in a phone interview to get an in-person interview. All these different scenarios show why it is important for non native English speakers to continue improving English speaking as adults.

So what is the secret to improving English speaking as adult? Here are 5 tips that will help you improve English fast as an adult.


1.) Do not learn grammar rules

There are so many rules in English grammar that a normal person can’t just learn all those and apply them when speaking English. English grammar is so complicated that native English speakers also don’t know all of it!

Trying to learn grammar as an adult is a waste of time. If you want to improve English speaking as an adult, focus on Conversational English practice, not grammar. Speak in English as much as you can. Use whatever grammar you have already learned.

This approach will help you think in English and speak naturally, without processing grammar rules in your head.


2.) Stop memorizing vocabulary

Improving vocabulary is important. However, you should not memorize word lists.

Think of all the word lists you memorized. Do you even remember 25% of those words? NO. Also, think of how you learned your first language? Did you memorize word lists? NO. You have to absorb new words and idioms naturally – that’s the only way you remember long term.

A better way to expand your vocabulary is by learning new words through conversations. When you practice English speaking, learn 1 or 2 new words everyday. Add those to a notebook but don’t memorize. This will allow you to grow your active vocabulary naturally without any memorization.


2.) Practice with Native English Speakers

The best way to improve English speaking is to practice native English speakers. If you practice English with native speakers 3 times a week of 6 weeks, you will see a clear improvement in fluency and accent.

Think of how people who move to an English speaking country like the US or UK improve English speaking fast. They do so because they get chances to speak in English with native speakers. You immerse in English and you learn to speak without thinking and translating.

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