22 Free Resources to Learn English Speaking Online

May 24, 2018
24 May 2018,

With the advancement of technology, it has never been easier to learn English speaking online.  There are hundreds and thousands of great resources online to help you improve pronunciation, refine your accent and help you become a better English speaker. Online resources also mean that we can easily fit learning English into our daily busy lives.  All we need is a mobile phone, tablet or computer, a headset, a camera, a microphone and good 3G, 4G or WIFI connection. 

In this blog post, we are going to give you a list of great free resources that can help you learn and improve English speaking online. These websites include many activities to help you learn to speak in English, read in English, listen to English being spoken and even write in English.  We have divided this post in to 2 sections:  a.) Resources to help adults improve Speaking online b.) Resources to help kids learn English speaking online.


 Let’s first begin with free resources for adult English learners


BBC Learning English (www.bbc.co.uk)

This is a free website which can be downloaded onto your computer and is probably better suited if you have a little knowledge of English already.  This also helps improve your listening and includes activities and videos. This website focuses on what is happening in the news on a daily basis and will teach you new vocabulary and help with pronunciation.


Voice of America (www.voanews.com)

This is a free app which can be downloaded onto mobile phones and tablets and is a great free resource to improve English speaking online.  This is a listening app giving news both in America and worldwide and is a good way to improve your listening skills.


Duolingo (www.duolingo.com)

This is a free app which can be downloaded onto your mobile phone as well as your laptop.  There are various activities including quizzes and games which will help you learning new vocabulary on a variety of topics which you will use on a daily or regular basis.


Babbel (www.babbel.com)

This can be downloaded onto your computer or your mobile phone.  Although the first lesson is free, after this there is a monthly charge.  This app is like Duolingo (see above) and also includes lessons on speaking reading, writing and listening.


FluentU (www.fluentu.com)

This can be downloaded onto your computer and your mobile phone.  There is a free version and also a monthly and yearly subscription package.  This website uses news, cartoons, videos amongst others to help learn English speaking online.


Talk English (www.talkenglish.com)

This can be downloaded onto your computer and mobile phone.  This site contains lessons to help you improve speaking, listening and reading and also contains many different lessons to suit all ages and abilities with some lessons being free.


Open Learning (www.open.edu)

This can be downloaded onto your computer and includes many free courses on a variety of subjects.  This will help you improve your English skills.


ABCYa (www.abcya.com)

This is a great website can be downloaded onto a tablet or computer.  It is aimed at helping children learn English and offers many free educational games and videos for learning English and math but is also a great resource for beginner level adults who want to practice English speaking online.


Activities for ESL students (www.a4esl.org)

This can be downloaded onto a computer or tablet and offers many different free lessons to help you all aspects of English which will help with both speaking and writing.


Rosetta Stone (www.rosettastone.co.uk)

Rosetta stone is a pioneer in teaching English speaking online using software. This can be downloaded onto a tablet, computer or mobile phone.  This is aimed for beginners and intermediate learners and teaches by association connecting words and sounds with pictures together with tutoring sessions with native English speakers.  There are three packages – a three-month plan, a six-month plan or a twelve-month plan.


Bonus tip


When you start using these website, start either at the very beginning if you are a complete beginner, or by choosing topics of interest that will help you improve your English.  Choose a convenient time several times a week to use these apps and as the saying goes: ‘practice makes perfect’.  Perhaps start with some of the free websites and then progress onto using some of the others.  As well as using these website, try and include some time on a regular basis to talk with native English speakers face-to-face as this means you can put into practice what you are learning from these websites.


Learning English is like learning to bike

What about children who want to learn English speaking online…

Are you looking to improve your children learning of all aspects of the English language?  With the use of technology and the internet, there are many resources that help children improve their English Speaking online.  These websites can be accessed anywhere – at home and at any time including weekends and holidays and downloaded onto a tablet, computer or a mobile. Encourage and motivate your children to learn using these websites and start by using them together.  It is important that children enjoy these websites and start by choosing topics which interest them.


Fun Brain (https://www.funbrain.com/)


Fun Brain includes online activities for children of all ages covering English and other subjects including maths, history and science.  This site contains books, videos and games for children to choose which activity appeals to them.



PBS Kids (www.pbskids.org)


PBS Kids is another website which includes games, videos and shows to aid children’s learning. 



International Children’s Digital Library (www.en.childrenslibrary.org/)


This website contains a large collection of free books for children of all ages to choose and read. 


Oxford Owl (www.oxfordowl.co.uk)


This site contains free e-books for children aged between 3 – 11 and includes the characters Biff, Chip and Kipper which are part of The Oxford Reading Tree.


Magic Keys (www.magickeys.com)


This is a great free website for all ages from pre-school, to teenagers and young adults and contains many books to choose from to read.


Raz-Kids (www.raz-kids.com/)


Although there is a subscription to access all the features of this site, it is worth look at as this website contains e-books which can also be downloaded and various quizzes.


Sesame Street (www.sesamestreet.org)


This website contains educational games and videos including the characters from Sesame Street.  Younger children will enjoy this website especially as they already know the characters involved. Sesame Street is an iconic TV series that has survived many generations on TV and now it’s web portal is a great resource for young children who want to learn English speaking online.



BBC History for Kids (www.bbc.co.uk/history/forkids/)


This is a great website to encourage children learn about history through games and activities.  This website helps children learn about ancient history, British history, world history and famous historical figures.  This is also a great website to help adults improve their English together with learning about world history.



Starfall (www.starfall.com)


Starfall is another great educational website including books to read and a free app to download.  The website also offers games and songs for children to enjoy.  This website helps children improve their phonics which will help them improve their reading and the website also can help with learning math.



National Geographic Kids (https://kids.nationalgeographic.com/)


This is a great website for children to learn about nature, animals and different countries in the world.  Worth looking at and children will really enjoy looking at and using this website.


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Absorb English like a child

 Bonus Resources to Improve Spoken English Online

These websites are a great way of making learning English Speaking online fun.  Here are three other websites which help children’s learning:


Disney Jr. Educational (www.disneyjunior.disney.com/)

Scholastic (www.scholastic.com/home/)

Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids (www.almanac4kids.com)



Learning online is a great extra way for children to immerse themselves in learning English and helps build their confidence whilst keeping their interest.  These websites appeal to all ages and will encouraging them to carry on learning.  Enjoy helping and seeing your children improve and enjoy having many laughs along the way with these fun activities.