How to Boost your TOEFL Speaking Test score in the last 21 days

October 3, 2016
3 October 2016,

Is your TOEFL Speaking Test score ruining your plans to move to another country or enroll in a top university? At Spoken English Practice, we help students prepare for the TOEFL Speaking test without having to re-learn boring grammar or memorize answers. Our approach is 100% practice based. We train students to speak English naturally, clearly and correctly without any memorization.

While long term practice and preparation is the key to succeeding at the TOEFL Speaking test, we suggest 3 things you should do in the last 21 days that will boost your test score significantly.

Speak only in English in the last 21 days

Speaking English is a lot about “being in form”. The best way to be in form before an exam like the TOEFL Speaking test is to practice speaking continuously in the last 21 days.

Forget about all the mistakes you make when speaking; Forget about all the grammar rules you have learned so far. Just focus on speaking English as much as possible in the last 21 days. This will get your brain to think and process in English. It is very important that you starting switching your brain to an English-only mode in the last few days before the TOEFL Speaking test.

Try not to translate sentences directly from your native language as this causes your brain to switch back to another language. And practice speaking out loud to yourself, as often as you can.

If you want a 26+ on the TOEFL Speaking test, get this right!

Get corrections from a Native English Speaker

Practicing speaking alone is better than not speaking but that would mean you are not corrected when you make a mistake. If you want the perfect TOEFL speaking test score, you need a Native English speaker to listen and point out how you can improve. That’s where a program such as Spoken English Practice can help you – you can give the teacher the topics you want to practice and we will cater classes to that. Or we can provide a comprehensive list of advanced topics such as these to practice.

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Programs such as Spoken English Practice allow you to talk one-on-one with a Native English Speaker on Skype many times a week. This will give you an opportunity to have a meaningful discussion and get corrections in grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. And you can use TOEFL Speaking topics from past exams or mock tests.

What better way to prepare for TOEFL?

Surround yourself with lot of English inputs in the last few weeks

A major part of fluency is understanding what you hear. So if you want to “sound” fluent during the TOEFL speaking test, surround yourself with a lot of Spoken English. Watch television on English speaking channels, particularly the news where well-spoken, clear, concise and correct English is used. Most televisions now have a remote that allows you to pause the show and even re-wind. You can also have the sub-titles programed for your language or English so you can also see the written word at the bottom. Here are some recommendations we have.

In addition, listen to audiobooks and podcasts when you are driving or even going to sleep. As a bonus, you will also improve your listening skills for the TOEFL exam.

** If you do all these 3 things in the last 21 days before TOEFL Speaking test, you will pass the exam successfully without any trouble. So get started today!