How to Boost your TOEFL Speaking Test score in the last 21 days

October 3, 2016
3 October 2016,

Is your TOEFL Speaking Test score ruining your plans to move to another country or enroll in a top university? At Spoken English Practice, we help students prepare for the TOEFL Speaking test without having to re-learn boring grammar or memorize answers. Our approach is 100% practice based. We train students to speak English naturally, clearly and correctly without any […]

4 Creative TOEFL Speaking Tips to Score 26+

September 18, 2016
18 September 2016,

Most students find TOEFL Speaking to be the hardest part in the TOEFL exam. TOEFL Speaking tests your ability to read, listen to and understand recordings by native English speakers, speak fluently and clearly, pronounce words correctly and use accurate grammar while speaking. All this while speaking to a microphone, inside a room full of test-takers, in 20 minutes.  Today, […]