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Why a Skype English Practice Partner is better than a Traditional Teacher

March 13, 2017
13 March 2017,

A traditional teacher is better than no teacher. But a Skype English Practice Partner is even better. Don’t believe this? Keep reading to learn some of the advantages a Skype English Practice Partner has to offer. When you first decided you wanted to improve your English skills, you probably experienced waves of uncertainty and doubt. Questions such as, “Can I […]

7 Benefits of Skype English Practice

February 13, 2017
13 February 2017,

At first, learning the English language may seem like an overwhelming challenging. But once you discover the ease and efficiency of Skype English practice, your fears will be alleviated. Active conversation is the most efficient way to learn any new language! Skype English practice keeps you engaged and helps you stay driven. You’ll be able to actively see your progress and […]