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How To Improve Your English Speaking Skills During The Coronavirus Pandemic

April 11, 2021
11 April 2021,

The coronavirus pandemic brought a good chunk of the world to a standstill, with nations’ economies taking a huge hit. Still, it was business as usual in some sectors, like farming, transportation, factory, etc.  For students, on the other hand, COVID-19 changed how they could learn. Schools and independent teachers turned to online methods such as Google Classroom, Google Meet, […]

10 Ways To Improve Your English Fluency Without Resorting To Grammar Memorization

February 24, 2021
24 February 2021,

Most people feel that learning a new language such as English means they have to learn the grammar rules. Granted, the English language can be difficult. After all, some words sound similar but mean totally different things. For example, where, were and we’re or there, their, and they’re. While knowing grammar can help, you don’t need it to speak the […]

How to Learn English from Native English Speakers on Skype

June 5, 2018
5 June 2018,

If your goal is to learn English just to pass exams and get certificates you only need to study grammar! But if your goal is to be learn English and speak it fluently, you need to go beyond grammar and start practicing with native English speakers. This is only way to learn English naturally and effortlessly over a long time […]

Want to Learn English Online? Here is a Comparison of Software/Apps

May 16, 2018
16 May 2018,

There are many ways of learning English – school, college, adult courses or you can use technology and learn English online. Regardless of the medium you pick, it is important to immerse oneself in reading, writing, speaking and listening. By doing this you will improve and gain confidence and then be able to converse with other English speakers all over […]

Meet Native English Teacher Michelle

August 19, 2015
19 August 2015,

Every week we introduce one of our Native English teachers (also known as Native English Tutors or English Conversation Partners) so that you so that you can learn more about how they can help you improve your English speaking. Today, we introduce Michelle, who joined our team in 2015. Michelle has previously taught English in China as well having multiple, […]

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