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How to Speak Fluent English Using Immersion Study Methods

May 23, 2018
23 May 2018,

To speak fluent English you do not need to memorize the grammar rules. Once you can converse in English with native English speakers fluently, then if you want to touch up your grammar knowledge then you can. Learning grammar rules will only help you read and write. They will not help build your confidence to be able to converse with […]

How to Speak Fluent English in 2 Weeks

March 7, 2016
7 March 2016,

Do you want to Speak Fluent English in 2 weeks? Have you been learning English for years but still not able to speak fluent English? Have you tried various Spoken English programs but is still struggling to speak clearly and confidently? Do you feel like you know enough grammar and vocabulary but find it hard to keep the flow when […]

3 Tricks to become Fluent in English Without Studying Grammar

November 28, 2015
28 November 2015,

If you are like most English learners,  you been studying English for years. You have learnt grammar for years and years. You already have a vocabulary of around 500 words. You know how to read and write well in English, skills you learnt in school, where English was taught as a secondary language. You understand most of it when native […]

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