How to Speak Fluent English in 2 Weeks

March 7, 2016
7 March 2016,

Do you want to Speak Fluent English in 2 weeks? Have you been learning English for years but still not able to speak fluent English? Have you tried various Spoken English programs but is still struggling to speak clearly and confidently? Do you feel like you know enough grammar and vocabulary but find it hard to keep the flow when speaking in English?

If you are an ESL student preparing for an exam like TOEFL or IELTS or a non native English speaker trying to speak fluent English, chances are that you have already spent a lot of time and energy in learning English. Chances are also that you have a fairly good grasp of basic grammar rules and have a vocabulary of at least 100 words even though you can’t speak fluent English.

Good news is you are not alone! This is a very common challenge for most English language learners. And Spoken English Practice has a solution!


The Science of Speaking Fluent English

Let’s start with a little quiz. Think of all the non native English speakers you know who speak fluent English. Think of how they became fluent in English. You will find that they improved their English speaking as a result of one of the below methods:


1.) They had their primary education at a school where English was the main language used. An example is an international school.

2.) They spoke English as the main language at home.

3.) They lived in an English speaking country such as the US or UK and spoke with native English speakers.

When you do this little survey, you will find that more than 95% of people who you know who speaks fluent English fulfill one of the above conditions.

So what does this mean? How does this learning help me become more fluent in English?

The science of Speaking Fluent English is deeply connected to the concept of language immersion. The only way to speak fluent English is by using English in your communications at a high frequency. If you practice speaking with Native English speakers, that is the fastest and best way to speak English fluently in weeks.

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How to Speak Fluent English in 2 Weeks

There are a few key things you can do to achieve English language fluency within weeks.

1. Learn 1 or 2 new words a day. Don’t memorize word lists.

In order to speak fluent English, you don’t have to speak like Shakespeare! You don’t need a huge vocabulary as long as you know at least 500 words. The important thing is to have as many words as possible in your active vocabulary. To do this, don’t just learn words. Use new words in real conversations with your Native English Teacher.

2. Don’t spend time on grammar

This rule might sound stupid at first but this is really important rule if you want to speak fluent English in weeks.

Think of how children learn to speak a language. They don’t study grammar rules. They just start speaking. This is the same way you learned your native language as a child.

FACT: Only a small fraction of English speakers know more than 20% of English grammar rules. English grammar rules are extremely complicated, and there are so many to study. Many non-native English speakers know more grammar than native speakers 🙂

In fact, studies show that learning too much grammar will stop you from speaking fluent English because it will make to afraid of making mistakes.

3. Find a Native English Speaker to practice with

The best way to speak fluent English is by practicing English with native speakers. When you practice with native English speakers, you will improve subtle things such as accent and pronunciation naturally. You will learn how to use slang and idioms. You will learn the right pace to speak.

Practicing English with a non native English speaker (someone who speak English as a second language) has some disadvantages. There is a risk of picking up bad pronunciation or learning wrong grammar patterns. Once you get these in your brain, it is hard to remove.

So if you want to speak fluent English in weeks , make sure you find a Native English speaker to practice with. You can do so via Skype, and find an English Conversation Partner who speaks the style of English you want to learn (E.g. British English or American English)