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Blog 8 Poems that will help you Improve your English Vocabulary

March 6, 2018
6 March 2018,

Reading poems gives English learners the ability to learn new vocabulary at all levels whether as beginners, intermediates or those aiming for advanced English skills.  Use new vocabulary to increase your language skills.  Poetry also gives us a visual picture which we can all understand.  There are many ways you can either read poetry (books, Internet) or listen to poems […]

10 must-know Phrasal Verbs for English Language Learners

June 5, 2015
5 June 2015,

Let’s start with  a quick introduction to Phrasal verbs. Phrasal verbs are idiomatic phrases that comprise a verb plus another element, for example an adverb or preposition. The meaning of the phrasal verb can not be deduced by understanding the elements in isolation. It is essential for advanced English speakers to understand phrasal verbs in order to enhance their communication […]

Expand your vocabulary with these 10 English words

April 21, 2015
21 April 2015,

At Spoken English Practice, we believe that no one should spend money to learn new words. There are so many easy ways to learn new words free on the Internet. Our blog is one of them. So if you don’t come here often, pls feel free to follow us on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter to get our latest posts.Before […]

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