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9 children’s TV programs to help improve Conversational English skills

September 6, 2016
6 September 2016,

Learning a new language as an adult is not exactly the same as learning it from childhood, but it does share some features. Children and adults both learn actively and passively: they study in school, but they also listen to conversations around them, look at signs and books and other written materials, and talk with other people. So it makes […]

Meet Native English Tutor Andy

November 21, 2015
21 November 2015,

Tell us a bit about your past experiences teaching English I have taught conversational and general English, in India Cambodia and Thailand, and I have also taught ESL students from China. Tell us more about your education? I have a training/coaching background, I am a certified trainer of trainers. I have gained a diploma in sports and sports injury management, […]