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  • 20 Slang Phrases that have Originated from Social Media

    The most hilarious and often questionable slang phrases of our time have stemmed from social media. Social media phrases and words are constantly changing, adapting, and transforming along with our society. Some slang phrases and words have obvious meanings and some are confusing no matter how familiar you are with social media! Read the following and see how many social media slang phrases you know!


    Facebook stalk

    Meaning: Facebooking stalking someone goes beyond looking them up on Facebook. This phrase also includes looking them up on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google.

    Example: “I Facebook stalked the new girl at school and found out she has a pet dog, a blue bike, four siblings, and a job at the movie theater.”


    Going viral

    Meaning: To gain sudden popularity on a social media platform.

    Example: “If you don’t stop crying I’m going to post this video online and you’ll go viral.”


    Bye Felicia

    Meaning: Something said to someone you don’t care about. By calling them ‘Felicia’ and not their real name it further emphasizes you don’t care.

    Example: “He tried to ask me on a date after he stood me up last Friday, all I could say was, ‘bye Felicia!’


    Throwing shade

    Meaning: Giving someone dirty looks.

    Example: “My professor already gave me an extension, if I don’t turn this paper in on time he’s going to throw me some shade.”


    Swipe left

    Meaning: Another way of saying you don’t find someone appealing or attractive.

    Example: “Eh, he seemed sweet enough but I’m going to swipe left on him.”


    Slide into their DM’s

    Meaning: DM stands for ‘direct message’. This is saying you are cunning enough to get a person talking to you on a casual basis.

    Example: “I only ever see her in the hallway, but I’m going to slide into her DM’s and see if she’ll go to prom with me.”


    Squad goals

    Meaning: A group of friends who inspire you.

    Example: “The photos of Sarah and her friends at the beach last weekend were pure squad goals.”


    I can’t even

    Meaning: Something is so ridiculous you don’t even want to acknowledge it

    Example: “My sister just posted 89 photos of herself online. I can’t even.”


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    FOMO (fear of missing out)

    Meaning: You don’t want to miss out on potentially fun opportunities by staying home.

    Example: “I want to stay home and go to bed early but I also have serious FOMO.”



    Meaning: A cheeky way to express how you’re feeling in a given moment. (in spoken English, you would literally say, “hashtag”.)

    Example: “This vacation has been so amazing, hashtag summer!”


    Throwback Thursday

    Meaning: A picture or memory from the past you post online, usually on a Thursday.

    Example: “Throwback Thursday to when I spilt milk all over my jeans at your birthday party.”


    On fleek

    Meaning: Another way of saying ‘on point’ regarding looks.

    Example: “My outfit was on fleek last Saturday!”



    Meaning: Going above and beyond normal everyday activities.

    Example: “Her mom is so extra she brought our entire team personalized water bottles and cookies.”


    She’s so basic

    Meaning: Someone who likes stereotypical things is called ‘basic’.

    Example: “His girlfriend is the most basic person I know. She always wears name brand clothing and drinks Starbucks.”


    This could be us, but you playin’

    Meaning: When you could be a cute couple with someone, doing fun activities, but they won’t give you a chance.

    Example: “You see that couple over there taking pictures by the fountain? That could be Tom and I, but he’s playin’.”



    Meaning: A humorous way of saying something is not casual. Usually used when someone wants to post about something amazingly out of the ordinary but doesn’t want to come across as bragging.

    Example: “Just casually being driven to school in this limo.”



    Meaning: Before Anyone Else/Babe

    Example: “I’m going to the movies with Bae later.”


    YOLO (You only live once)

    Meaning: An expression you say when you’re about to do something uncharacteristic or risky. Meaning life is short so have fun now.

    Example: “I was so scared to go skydiving but-yolo!”


    That ain’t none of my business

    Meaning: When you call out someone’s obviously ridiculous behavior but it’s technically not your place to have an opinion.

    Example: “He went out and bought a new car but claims he doesn’t have money for child support, but that ain’t none of my business.”



    Meaning: When something is so embarrassing, stupid, or ridiculous, you express your shame by dramatically putting you palm to your forehead.

    Example: “I facepalmed when I started watching my middle school talent show video.”

    Popular, commonly used social media phrases and words are changing constantly. slang phrases originating from social media that are well known today may not be used or common within a few months or years! As with all slang originating from social media, don’t take them too literally and have fun!

    April 25, 2017
    25 April 2017,
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  • All our Teachers are
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  • Already know basic Grammar and Vocabulary?
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