Why Practicing With Native Speakers is a MUST to be Really Fluent in English

April 4, 2016
4 April 2016,

The fastest and only guaranteed way to improve your English speaking is by practicing with Native English speakers. This is the ONLY way to be really fluent in English.

Unfortunately lot of English learners don’t understand this. They spend a ton of money buying software programs, eBooks and audio files and see no improvement in speaking. Most of these online English programs are priced deceptively low (“valued at $197, now on sale for $19”), so unsuspecting ESL students fall for these offers only to find they provide little or no value when it comes to helping achieve English fluency.

So why is practicing with Native Speakers a MUST to be really fluent in English?


English Fluency comes ONLY when you speak English a lot

You might have a friends who spoke poor English, migrated to the US or UK and started speaking very fluently. If you ask them how they improved their English speaking skills you will find that they never got any formal English lessons after they migrated. The only thing they did was have real Conversations with Native English Speakers as part of their daily lives.

What does this tell you about the process of becoming fluent in English?  Once you have learned about  500 words in English and know how to form simple sentences, the only way to take your English speaking to the next level is by practicing with Native English Speakers.


You will learn to speak like a Native English Speaker

So why practice with Native English Speakers? Why not practice with a teacher from my local country or friends?

Speaking in English with anyone is better than not speaking in English at all. Speaking in English with anyone is better than just sitting in English lessons and taking notes.

However, if you can find a Native English Teacher to practice with 2 or 3 times a week, that is the best way to become really fluent in English.

Why? When you practice with a Native English teacher you will learn to speak at the right speed with the right pronunciation. In other words, you will develop an accent which is close to “Native” as possible. You will not only become Fluent but you will also learn to speak with good enunciation and diction.Also, you will learn idioms and slang used by Native English Speakers – things that are hard to learn just by studying textbooks.

 A non-native English tutor can help you with things like grammar rules but you will not learn to speak like a Native English speaker.

“Doing” is more important than “Memorizing”

When it comes to learning things like swimming, biking, dancing or learning to speak a language, “Doing” is more important than “memorization”.

Think of how you learned to ride a bicycle. Did you ever memorize parts of a bike or study the mechanism of a bike? No. Or think of how you learn swimming? Did you watch videos of others swimming or did you just learned and improved by swimming?

This same concept applies to learning to speak English. You can become fluent only by “doing”, not by memorizing vocabulary or grammar.


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