3 Secrets to Improving Spoken English Fast

May 11, 2017
11 May 2017,

Improving Spoken English fast is an important goal for many non-native English speakers. Some want to immigrate to an English speaking country, hence need to improve communication skills to find a job. There are others who want to work with clients from US, UK, Canada etc. and speaking English well is an important factor for success. Whatever the reason is improving Spoken English fast as an adult is not an easy task.

In this post, we discuss 3 language acquisition secrets that will help improving Spoken English fast as an adult:

Don’t memorize grammar rules or vocabulary

Most English students outside the English speaking world do know sufficient grammar and vocabulary. Most ESL student study English formally during school. However, most of these traditional English lessons are not created to encourage speaking. Most of these lessons focus on basic grammar and vocabulary memorization.

As a result, fluency is the greatest challenge for most English leaners and the only way to improve fluency is through practice. Many elements go into fluency, but in the end, more speaking and listening lead to the ˝built in˝ corrections that lead to more fluency; the way countless immigrants learned English, even without a classroom.

So if your goal is improving Spoken English fast, forget about memorizing grammar rules and vocabulary and start practicing speaking with native speakers.

Improving Spoken English fast requires learning Real Conversational English

Most non-native English speakers know basic grammar and vocabulary but lack the art of actual conversation. To be really fluent in English, one must be immersed in it. Being able to observe a native speaker helps immensely because watching expressions and a certain amount of lip reading can be useful, especially for beginners. This is why conversation training on video chatting service such as Skype is  considered the best way to improving Spoken English fast.

If your goal is improving Spoken English fast, sign up for a trial lesson below with a native English teacher. Our classes focus on real discussions on topics such as politics, culture, food and travel so you will expand your vocabulary and learn to speak naturally.

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Don’t worry about making mistakes

Without a doubt the single most important barrier to improving Spoken English fast is the student’s fear of making mistakes. It is critical for students to accept that they will make “some” mistakes along the way when they try to speak in English. The important thing is not to get discouraged when you make mistakes.

Remember, when learning a foreign language it is perfectly normal to make many mistakes along the way.. This is true to learning any foreign language. Find a Conversation Partner or teacher who will instill confidence through reassurance and positive reinforcement . The worst thing that can happen is you not speaking enough in English!