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7 Simple Immersion Methods that make Learning English Fun

July 17, 2017
17 July 2017,

English is an international language and is the official language in several countries.  It is commonly used in the business and the scientific world.  The best way to learn English is by immersion.  Immersion means the act of being involved or submerged totally in a situation and in this case the act of learning English.  To do this you need […]

Learning Spoken English in Saudi Arabia

January 13, 2016
13 January 2016,

Every month we interview one of our students from a different country and try to get their perspective on learning Spoken English. Today we are talking to Madhia, who has been an English student at Spoken English Practice  since 2014. We will discuss the challenges of learning English in  Saudi Arabia and how how Conversation based classes have helped her […]

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