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24 Sports Idioms that are Widely Used in the Business World

August 6, 2018
6 August 2018,

Do you get confused by sports idioms? Most English learners do. Sports idioms are very common in the Business world. If you are an non native English speaker working in the US or UK, you will hear a lot sports idioms you might not understand at once.  This is why Business English lessons at Spoken English Practice dedicate a big […]

25 Sports Idioms that are Commonly used in the American Workplace

October 31, 2016
31 October 2016,

As a new English speaker, you may often hear idioms, or short phrases, that have a meaning other than their literal one. Many of these idioms are borrowed from sports, and are frequently used in the American workplace these days. It can be confusing to sit in a meeting with colleagues or your boss and hear sports idioms that seem […]

5 Must-Know American Sports Idioms For Non Native English Speakers

May 21, 2013
21 May 2013,

Idioms and slang are perhaps one of the most challenging areas for non native English speakers to learn. Idioms and slang have culturally embedded meanings that most non native speakers are not aware of. Sports is an integral part of American culture, so it is not at all surprising that American English has a rich haul of sports idioms. Most […]

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