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6 Grammar Rules That Will Help You Speak English Fluently

November 6, 2018
6 November 2018,

Have you been learning grammar for years but still not able to speak English fluently? This is huge problem for most English learners. There are many English language learners who know all the grammar rules but have zero confidence with usage. The result is a lot of struggling when it comes to speaking English fluently. Should you learn perfect grammar […]

8 Books That Will Help You Speak English Eloquently

May 9, 2017
9 May 2017,

Classic literature does more than provide intellectual conversation topics. The classics are still ever present sources of numerous culture references, college assignments, and of course, rich vocabulary. Reading is an enthralling way of naturally learning new vocabulary words and phrases, while simultaneously relaxing and enjoying a good book. Check out these classic novels for a richer, more developed English vocabulary […]

5 Facts about Learning to Speak English

November 4, 2016
4 November 2016,

As with anything worth doing, there are plenty of myths out there about learning to speak English. The best we can say is: don’t believe everything you read, especially on the internet – but you can believe we’re going to try to debunk five of the most enduring myths about learning to speak English: Myth: If I didn’t learn as […]

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