7 fun ways to practice Spoken English at home

May 1, 2017
1 May 2017,

You can practice Spoken English at home without a lot of time, energy, or effort. In fact, just a few simple changes to your usual routine is all it takes to foster an enriching learning environment.   Have weekly English movie night   Dedicating one night a week to watc an English movie in your home is a great way to practice […]

3 English Speaking rules every Non-Native Speaker should know

February 25, 2013
25 February 2013,

Here’s a little exercise for you. Think of all the people you know who speak really good English. How did they improve their English? You will find that almost all of these people have being exposed to the English language at a high frequency, either at home, school or at work. The key to improving spoken English is immersing yourself in […]