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Meet Native English Tutor Meghan

May 31, 2016
31 May 2016,

What is your teaching philosophy as an Online English Tutor? I strongly believe that the best way to learn and become comfortable using a foreign language is to practice conversation skills. Speaking with native English speakers, and becoming more comfortable learning and using new vocabulary, are keys to speaking like a native. I have tried to learn several foreign languages […]

Meet Native English Teacher Sheila

August 5, 2015
5 August 2015,

Have you been learning English for years but still can’t speak fluently? Have you been studying grammar rules for years but still get stuck when speaking? Do you struggle to find the right vocabulary when speaking even though you know a lot of words in the English language. The reality is that you can NEVER become fluent in English (or […]

Conversation partner or English tutor? Who suits you better

March 24, 2015
24 March 2015,

A question that comes up often is whether you should work with a English tutor or conversation partner in order to improve English speaking. Just to clarify the difference English tutors typically focus more on theory, and will teach grammar rules, vocabulary etc. They will do most of the talking during the class. A conversation partner ,on the hand will […]

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