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65 Commonly Used English Slang Words For English Learners

December 28, 2018
28 December 2018,

Do you get confused when native English speakers use slang language? You are not alone. Slang is one of the most confusing areas of English for English learners whether you are a beginner or an advanced level student. The problem is there are so many slang words in the English language. Learning English slang is almost an impossible task. However, […]

17 British Slang words that confuse non-native English speakers

July 16, 2017
16 July 2017,

There are many British English slang words that are used by UK English speakers that are confusing for non-native English speakers to understand.  Learning slang is an important part of mastering the English. Native English speakers use slang language in daily conversations and this could lead to confusion. In this post we are discussing some commonly used slang phrases used […]

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