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English Learning Software: The Good and Bad

July 18, 2017
18 July 2017,

Technology is everywhere. It has evolved at any amazing rate over the past couple of years. Along with other new kinds of technology, software involving language has evolved too. There is now a huge amount of new websites, programs, apps, software, and more to help people learn a new language. A very famous English learning software is Rosetta Stone. But just […]

Spoken English Software vs Skype English Partner: What is better for you?

April 24, 2017
24 April 2017,

If you have been trying to improve Spoken English for some time now, you will be familiar with Spoken English software like Rosetta Stone and Dulingo. In this post, we wanted to discuss a few things to consider when picking a Spoken English software vs. practicing with a Skype English partner. Do you lack confidence to speak in English? If […]

Looking for best Spoken English Software? Don’t!

October 12, 2016
12 October 2016,

Looking for best Spoken English software? Don’t. Spoken English software is  great for English language beginners who want to learn basic vocabulary and how to pronounce simple words. But if you know English vocabulary (i.e. know the meaning of simple words like evening, holiday and whale) and you’ve studied the grammar, Spoken English software will not add much value to […]

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