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How to find an English Conversation Partner Online?

November 25, 2014
25 November 2014,

Almost all ESL students agree that the best way to improve English speaking skills is to practice with an English conversation partner online. The challenge is finding a reliable conversation partner from a country where English is spoken as the first language. The keyword here is reliability. If you advertise on the internet, or post on an English speaking forum […]

4 Tips for Improving your Conversation English

April 19, 2013
19 April 2013,

Conversation English skills cannot be developed overnight and require great dexterity and dedication. Even when one knows the basics of English language and the grammar rules, it is totally different when it comes to conversing in English. For non-native English speakers, improving conversation English requires a great deal of practice and patience. It is important to be smart and logical […]

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