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35 Prepositions that every English Learner must know how to use

March 18, 2018
18 March 2018,

We all use prepositions many times during each day.  Prepositions can be confusing to learn but need to be learnt.  The prepositions of, in and to are in the top ten of the most frequently words used in the English language.  A preposition connects a noun with a different word in the sentence.  Most prepositions contain six letters or less.  […]

Do you know how to use these 10 Prepositions correctly?

December 19, 2017
19 December 2017,

Prepositions are short words (for example in, on, with, after), which in English always come in front of nouns and connect nouns with other words in the sentence.  Their spelling never changes and they are always short words.  Learning to use prepositions correctly takes practice.  These prepositions can mean space, position, direction and time depending on how they are used […]

The Ultimate Guide to English Prepositions

June 8, 2017
8 June 2017,

Prepositions are used everywhere in English. Unless it is a very short sentence, most sentences have some kind of preposition in them. This is because prepositions are used to add extra information to a sentence. Many prepositions have more than one meaning and can be used in different situations. Below are definitions and examples that are very common in English. […]

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