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4 Free Tips to Improve Pronunciation and Accent (Completely Free)

September 20, 2018
20 September 2018,

You are spending so much time to improve Pronunciation and Accent Tons of hours have been spent to learn all the phonetics sounds. Teachers tell you where to position your mouth (most Accent coaches do this) But you still struggle to speak clearly in a way people understand you. You don’t see an improvement in your Accent I’m talking about […]

8 Ways to Reduce Your Accent and Speak More Clearly

December 21, 2017
21 December 2017,

Whatever nationality we are, we all have an accent of some sort.  Some accents are stronger than others.  Some accents can vary from one part of the country to the next.  If you want to lose your accent so that you can be more clearly understood when you talk with others then it will take very regular practice.  English is […]

The Ultimate ESL Guide to American Accent Training

May 22, 2017
22 May 2017,

Looking for an excuse to watch more movies? Of course you are, and improving your English is the best excuse we can think of! Due to the various regions in the United States, there are many different accents you’ll hear. For instance, there is the Southern accent (think cowboys!), the Boston accent, the New York accent, the California accent, and […]

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