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3 Pro-Tips to Improve Pronunciation Free and Adjust Accent

October 16, 2018
16 October 2018,

Have you faced a situation like this: You speak with a native English speaker who cannot seem to understand anything you say. You think you speak very clearly, not too fast, not too slow, just at the right pace. But the native speaker just asks you to repeat everything because he can’t understand your accent. We have all been there, […]

Improving your accent: Don’t make it too technical!

February 19, 2015
19 February 2015,

Improving Accent is not easy. The pace that you speak and the way you make certain sounds is highly dependent on your first language. So having a thick accent when speaking English is not something to be stressed about as long as you speak fluently and clearly. Here are some ideas on improving Accent without being overly technical and fussy […]