Meet Native English Teacher Jessica

April 25, 2016
25 April 2016,
  1. Describe your past experiences as Native English Teacher

I have been a University Instructor for the past 13 years. My favorite courses to teach are Public Speaking and Interpersonal Communication. In my classes I always have ESL students so I am aware of the struggles faced when learning English.


  1. Tell us more about your education.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and a Master’s in Communication. I also have 2 years of Ph.D. work in education with a focus on creative learning.

American English Teacher


  1. How would you describe a typical Skype English lesson at Spoken English Practice?

The importance of conversation when learning a new language is pivotal to learning. So a typical Skype English lesson would include learning new vocabulary, fine tuning pronunciation, and grammar work. We would do this while conversing about whatever topic you choose; I like to customize topics for each student.


  1. What are your favorite conversation topics?

I love learning about the lives of my students and the cultural experiences they share with me. Otherwise, I am able to and comfortable with talking about anything with students.


  1. In your experience, what area in English do students need the most help? Grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation or something else? How would you address this in your classes?

In my experience students need help in all three areas of English. It depends on the student whether the focus is on vocabulary, pronunciation, or grammar. I address this by getting to know about you in the first lesson and then modifying the rest of our time spent together around your needs.


  1. What are your top 3 tips to ESL students around the world?

Practice, listen, and have fun! It’s important to practice because repetition is the only way to really get comfortable with English Speaking. Listen to everything you can in English so your ear becomes familiar with the dialect. And have fun learning English; it’s an exciting language!


  1. A little bit about what you like to do when you are not teaching English.

When I am not teaching English I like to hang out with my husband, Kevin, and my dog, Frank. We like to hike and watch movies. I am also a very creative person so I like to paint and play the flute.


  1. What kind of students do you prefer?

I prefer students who are motivated to learn. I also like students who enjoy the learning process and aren’t too hard on themselves. I look forward to meeting you!