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Meet Native English Teacher Arthur

August 3, 2015
3 August 2015,

At Spoken English Practice, the cornerstone to our success is our “100% Conversation based” English teaching approach. We teach Real Spoken English! Our speciality is that we pair English language learners with Native English Speakers and allow them to practice English Speaking 1 on 1 over Skype.  Every week we introduce one of our Native English teachers (Conversation Partners, as […]

7 Free English language learning websites that every ESL student should use

May 16, 2015
16 May 2015,

At Spoken English Practice, we strongly encourage all our students to use the many free English learning resources available on the internet, while practicing speaking with our native English speakers (Conversation Partners). Learning English requires maximum immersion, so whatever language learners can do to increase the time they spend interacting with the English language is only going to produce better […]

4 Tips that will Help you Speak Better English Faster

March 27, 2013
27 March 2013,

With over a billion speakers, English is a global language. It is the official language in all sectors of developing world, like business, science, technology, medicine, engineering and tourism to name a few. Today, fluency in spoken English is one of the foremost criterion for selection in any reputed university or multinational corporation. Everyone wants to speak better English so […]

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