4 ways to Learn Modern Spoken English and talk like a Cool Kid!

January 28, 2017
28 January 2017,

Most English students want to learn real, modern Spoken English that is used by native speakers in day to day conversations. However, a lot of traditional English courses teach English that is not used by real native speakers in real life situations. For example, take the expression “it is raining cats and dogs”. If you are a foreign student arriving […]

Why Talking in English is a Challenge to most English Learners

August 14, 2016
14 August 2016,

The greatest challenge for most English learners is that they can’t communicate in English normally. Most English learners can read and write English well. But when it comes to talking in English they struggle. Most non-native English learners get stuck in the middle of sentences. They struggle to pronounce certain sounds and understand idioms and slang used by Native English […]